Japan Trip 3 – Day 11

Today I am writing the post! Since it was mostly just Amanda and I for most of the day I will be taking over for this day. Colin had decided to stay at the hotel and relax because he wasn’t interested in hiking up to the Bishamondo Temple in Kyoto. But before that happened we went to get some lunch, and of course we had to go to KFC to get cute Pikachu bucket with Pokemon straw figures. Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed when my “chicken” strips were not chicken at all and they were actual fish sticks….


Amanda got the bucket all by herself! haha she has a very impressive metabolism and out eats Colin and I pretty much every day. But I couldn’t blame her for wanting to get the cute four piece Pikachu bucket meal!


On our way back from KFC we found the skinniest building we have ever seen! haha oh Japan.


Afterwards we headed off onto our trek for the Bishamondo Temple! It was a pretty warm day out, and we ended up walking about 8km (according to my fit bit at least) total during this whole trip up there. Derek would be proud of our death march. 😉

IMG_6699 IMG_6706 IMG_6726 IMG_6732 IMG_6737

There were a couple little shrines along the way and we even saw an orange tree along the way too!

IMG_6683 IMG_6714 IMG_6724

Once we got there it was very nice. There were a ton of tall trees and bamboo trees around the whole temple. Very peaceful and serene up there. There were quiet a bit of little areas to visit in the whole temple.

IMG_6806 IMG_6746 IMG_6749 IMG_6752 IMG_6751 IMG_6786 IMG_6787 IMG_6790 IMG_6793

One of the best parts of this shrine was that you are even able to take photos inside the actual building. Most shrines did not allow this, so it was a nice change to be able to show it off!

IMG_6754 IMG_6757 IMG_6765 IMG_6771 IMG_6775

Though I have to say the most impressive part of it was the designs and painting on the outside of the shrine. It was all very beautiful and well maintained.

IMG_6776 IMG_6778 IMG_6781 IMG_6783

We then hiked back to the hotel and went out for some delicious ramen for supper. We had to go back to the place by Nijo castle because it is just so delicious! How could we not go to it for one last time during this trip?


On our way back we hit up the small garden outside of the castle because it was beautiful at night as well.

IMG_6861 IMG_6850

Anyways, that is it for today. Tomorrow we are doing our day trip to Osaka now. I hope you enjoy it.

I would also like to say Happy Mother’s Day to both our moms! Hope you have a great day!

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