Japan Trip 3 – Day 12


Welcome back everyone, it was an early day today because we were making our way to Osaka.  For some reason we thought it was going to take awhile to get there via Shinkansen despite our ticket telling us it was ~15min away.  So we decided to wake up super early so we would have time to do things there.  We wanted to go to an area that was described as a “mini Akihabara” which we thought we had been to before but it turns out we completely missed it every time we went.  Since it was an early day and I think I slept for maybe something like 4 hours, I decided to get some of the morning coffees they sell in the vending machines.

IMG_6868 IMG_6867 IMG_6884 IMG_6881

Goddamn I looked majestic this morning in my Hawaiian shirt… Anyways, it was a pretty quick trip there and as I suspected we arrived basically before anything was open haha.  We kinda putz around for a bit waiting for the first mall we wanted to hit up to open.  Our first stop was the #1 thing on Amanda’s list.  The Precure store.

IMG_6924 IMG_6920

The store was pretty intense… pink.  We were warned about this lol.  While Amanda was losing her mind in the store, Dani and I went over to a Japanese Body Shop to look at some of the different stuff there.  My mom enjoys body shop so I figured I would see if there was anything that was different there from here.  Afterwards we heard some strange noises from upstairs and went to investigate.

RAWR! … apparently.  There was a huge dinosaur exhibit on the 9th floor of the mall we were in.  No idea what prompted it or why it was there but Dani loves dinosaurs so we had to go look at it.IMG_6897 IMG_6894 IMG_6891 IMG_6886

It never really ceases to amaze me what Japanese people will do with displays in things like a mall.  It seemed a little over the top to have that large moving one but hey whatever makes you happy I guess haha.  After we finished up with the mall we finally made our way to “DenDen Town”.  This was the anime area of Osaka.  I was actually a little impressed. While Dani and I are used to the intense in your face aspect of Akiba, DenDen town had a more humble but just as appealing sense of itself.  There was a plethora of stores available of differing varieties that catered to all aspects of “Otaku life”.  Naturally we had to throw money at it.

IMG_6961 IMG_6990 IMG_6974 IMG_6969 IMG_7015

Sadly one of the reasons we went to Osaka in the first place was to acquire some of the legendary cheesecake that recently became a bit of a buzz on the internet.  The super fluffy giggle dome of cheesecake that was stamped with a cute cat face.  While we walked past the shop that sells it 4x, we knew it was one of the last things we were going to purchase so we could eat it back at the hotel.  On our way back to Osaka station, we took a path that did not bring us past any of them and once we were there, we realized we forgot to buy it… <sigh>.  Yes that is an anime tie, yes I do wear a tie at work all the time, yes I did buy it specifically for that… yes it did cost 50 dollars. I REGRET NOTHING!  See you guys next time!


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  1. Nice pics ! Hawaii shirt still looks good must be 15 years still looks great !! Enjoying the posts ..

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