Japan Trip 3 – Day 13


Late post and kind of a short post today.  It seems the past 2 days we have not really done all that much.  Today was just dropping Amanda off back at Tokyo and heading over to our hotel in Daiba.  The next few days we may or may not make some posts.  This basically comes from our second day in Okinawa now and we really have not done anything worthwhile talking about except for spending 60$ on a cab from the airport to our hotel instead of waiting for 2 hours for a bus -_-.

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The hotel we were at was the Hilton right in Daiba, it was reaaaally freaking nice.  It had one of those bars that makes cocktails for you and they were all about the flair.  It was a little pricey but whatever, you gotta do something like that every so often.  We’re actually at another Hilton in Okinawa right now, I’m thinking that we will probably do 1 or 2 posts while we’re here just to show everything we did.  This leg of our trip is really just going to be us relaxing and not really going out much.  I can’t imagine it being super interesting just showing one or two pictures of us on a beach lazing around being that fun to read or see.  The burger pic might seem really random there… But it was actually really funny.  Ever since we went to Daiba 4 years ago, we saw this burger joint and I always thought, I wanna go there.  Since we were bored that night we decided we would and as I sat there eating that delicious burger I thought.  This might be the best burger I’ve ever had.  I instantly dismissed the idea, I live in Alberta we have the best beef, we make the best burgers, I MUST HAVE HAD BETTER SOMETIME.  After I finished the thought I look over to Dani and with a somewhat purplexed look on her face she says to me “I think this is the best burger I’ve ever had”.  I couldnt help but laugh.  It just in fact may have been the best burger I have ever had… in Tokyo…

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