Japan 2018

Hey figure fans! Sorry for the late notice but Nyaa! Figurines are in Japan again! Since our small addition to our family is with us, we aren’t doing daily posts or the figures releases for the next month while we are in Japan here. Things should resume October 1st depending on the jetlag. Haha

We will be posting any interesting anime and figures items we come across in our travels in September. Currently between the woes of a jetlagged four month old, and now today being Typhoon Jebi, the day we were hoping to go to Akiba haha, not much has happened.

Though Colin was able to attend the fantastic 2018 Magical Mirai! He was extremely pleased with the concert, as he is a massive Miku fan, and cannot wait to see another in the future. The lines were massive and he wasn’t able to get the Magical Mirai nendoroid at the expo before the concert started, but he got us some awesome Happi Coats!

Thanks for your patience and I hope you can look forward to any future posts during our trip.



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