Angel Beats Yuri Good Smile Company 1/8 scale PVC figure

The girl who vowed to fight against her fate.
From the anime Angel Beats! comes a 1/8th scale figure of Yuri, the leader of the SSS – the group formed to fight back against God.

I had to wait way way way way WAY to long to get this figurine but oh my god it was worth it.  Yuri from Angel Beats!  She was released in mid April 2011 she is actually one of the newest figurines we have gotten.

Some quick info on the figurine:
Copyright: Visual Art`s/Key/Angel Beats! Project
Height: approx 195mm.
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
We bought this figurine from Hobby fan because I spaced out on getting it from Hobby Search and missed the reserve day.  That’s why we had to wait so long to get it.

Angel Beats was an anime that I only recently watched for some reason.  To be perfectly honest though, i have still not finished it.  I have this problem especially with Key animes that I get to almost the end and I have to stop watching them because you just KNOW something HORRIBLE is going to happen. Its per-ordered on Blue Ray and me and Dinara will watch it when it comes and I will actually finish it…. *fidgets nervously*

Lets get down to it though.  Accuracy on this figurine is pretty spot on, its your typical flagship figurine product here.  You have what most would consider to be the main character of the show holding her weapon of choice in her school uniform.  I believe the gun is a Beretta 92 FS but for those gun nuts out there if I am wrong please feel free to correct me in the comments.  It would be nice for the figurine to of come with a few other things such as her knife and her hat but I can say I am satisfied with this for now.  The figurine gets a 10/10 for accuracy.

The construction of the figurine is good.  A few things that bother me though.  The arms are part of the body, there is no separation on them at all.  Its as if it was moulded from one piece of PVC.  The way the hair is and the way the bow comes off just seems a little odd when you inspect it.  It looks as if there was a piece of hair glued on and same with the bow.  Just not the same level of care that I generally expect from a good smile figurine.  Although I am being a little hard on it for the same reason.  The base is nice and wide, the foot pegs hold it very well, the gun is firmly in her hands and doesn’t feel flimsy.  Going to give this a 8/10 for construction.

Painting on the figurine is great I cannot see any flaws at all on this.  The patch that’s on her left shoulder, it almost seems like if I took a magnifying glass i could read the writing on it its done so well.  The eyes look perfect, sometimes you will see some level of blue in the eyes which bothers me on some figurines but not on this one.  10/10 for painting.

Detail.  The figurine is very good for detail, I wanted to talk about the gun she’s hold in this segment.  The detail on the gun is so good, it looks like they put a lot of work into having the gun made. The placement of the gun on the figurine really makes a bit of a statement as well, its a focus point. There is very few figurines that I own that show a character holding a real gun, the only ones I can think of in my collection is Canaan and Alphard from Canaan.  I mentioned the decal on the left shoulder in the painting but I’d also like to mention it in here because again, it is a very fine detail.  The collar on the shirt looks very well done to, the way it waves out in the back makes the figurine flow better.  The hair looks good it flows well and is out of the way.  In a lot of figurines you find the hair is all over the place and can become a hazard or even possibly break, in this figurine its contained well and just seems nice.  All the way from the top of the head down to the shoes this figurine has it all made very well.  Quality is great 10/10.

Uniqueness of this figurine is really where it falls short.  The base is a typical clear see through round base, the only thing that sets it apart from any other base is it has “Angel Beats!” Written across it.  The figurine itself is a typical schoolgirl figurine in a schoolgirl outfit and if it wasn’t for the fact she was holding a gun it would blend into all my other figurines seamlessly.  As much as I hate to do it because I love this figurine so much I’m only going to give it a 6/10 on uniqueness.  If it had the hat she wears sometimes, or the knife she carries or even the grenade, I would be willing to give it more.  All I really see is a typical anime figurine.  While I have no doubt this figurine is amazing it just lacks the pop that some of the other ones I have has….

Angel Beats! Is going to go down easily as one of my favourite animes even after I finish it, I am sure of it.  I loved all of the character and I would love to see some of the male characters made into some PVC figurines <as long as they are not figma>.  When I saw this figurine I knew I had to have it, I was most excited for it because it was Good Smile and because it was Yuri.  Yuri does come off as a Haruhi type character to me which is probably why I loved her so much.  All in all, this figurine sits well in our collection even though its a schoolgirl figurine.  The fact she’s totting a gun sets it out from everything else, the colours pop and all the attention to detail was honoured.  This figurine is a must buy for any collector and I rate it a  44/50.

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And let us know if we should finish the anime, do you think we’ll like it? Who are your favorite characters from Angel Beats?

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