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TTGL or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a pretty special anime to me and my wife, it’s actually the reason why we are together believe it or not.  I told my friend to tell her to watch TTGL and due to a certain event in the anime, we got together.  TTGL will be one of the most epic animes I have seen in my time, I loved all of the characters and the whole storyline.  Epic is one way to describe this anime.

Onto the figurine though, since that’s what we do here. Bounty Hunter Yoko was released in early August 2009.  A few things copied off my distributors website; Height approx 260mm. Copyright Gainax, Kazuki Nakashima/Aniplex, KDE-J, TV Tokyo, Dentsu Weight : 812g and this was manufactured by Alter.  We purchased this figurine from Hobby Fan, god bless their souls.


Alright let’s get down to brass tacks here with this figurine.  Accuracy I went ahead and took a quick still from the movies just in case some of the less hard-core TTGL fans say, “Bloodfrost, what are you talking about accuracy, this doesn’t exist in the show at all”.  “Well my miss informed TTGL fans” I would reply, “as you can see here she is in fact in the anime.”  Again I realize this is the movie but she IS in the anime, I am just not going to take the time to go find it.  The accuracy is dead on for this figurine, even to the scarf she’s wearing to the chopsticks in her hair. The color scheme on the boots and Yoko’s top.  Everything is accurate in what would assume to be a fanfic figurine.  I am going to give it 10/10 just for being different.

 The construction of this figurine is top notch, one of the things I love the most of it is it hides the hair seam that is always on a figurine where the bangs come down.  The base is wide and sturdy, the foot holes are tight she does not move much at all.  The head is on firmly, the gun is held in place very very well which I find is a problem a lot of the time.  The one complaint I  have about this figurine is the sidearm revolver holster.  It’s very open, I played with it for a bit trying to get a nice fit but it’s really the equivalent of dropping a golf ball into a wide glass.  It’s very loose in there, it actually leans against one side of the holster.  Maybe it’s my own pickiness but I would of liked to see it in a bit more firmly, regardless, this figurines construction is great 9/10.

The Painting on this figurine is as you would expect from most figurines.  This is done by Alter which tends to have high quality paint jobs.  I know i said i would stop doing this section but it’s OK, I want reviews to have 50 points.  I will say the paint on my hair on the bangs of this figurine is a little bit flat and dull.  The base is done really well though, the shading used just makes it look very nice. 9/10

 Can you tell I really like this figurine yet? The detail on this figurine is great, when you look at the moulding its excellent.  She’s very shapy but you can’t really see it unless u look hard.  There is a bit of a mar of sorts on the top of her left breast though which bothers me a bit, it looks like a smear of glue? Maybe the top was glued onto the figurine, I am unsure but it’s very hard to see unless you’re looking for it.  The detail of the coat she’s wearing how it’s flapping in the wind is very nice.  The face looks well shaped and formed the eyes are good.  One detail I should bring up is that no pieces of this figurine really move short of that revolver I talked about earlier, which decreases the chance of your paint being rubbed and leaving marks, that’s huge for me.  10/10 on detail for me.


Uniqueness I don’t know how I won’t be able to just give this one full marks. Gainax throws in their whole parallel works stuff on TTGL and like, that’s about as unique as you can get.  The fact that a figurine was made from a 5-10 second clip from the anime that is basically nonsensical, kind of blows my mind.  Moving from that, the base on this one was probably the first base I ever bought that was textured and didn’t look like crap.  There is many many many MANY Yoko Littner figurines out there but this one in my opinion is by far one of the most unique.  It still has all of her charm, massive tits for a 16 year old, cute face, large gun and of course her overbearing attitude seems to come out in this figurine.  Back when we bought this, it was definitely my favourite figurine, nowadays we have a lot and this one sort of just melds into the mix of all the good ones we have.  I must admit it was nice to take this one out of the back of the shelf and write about it.  10/10 for uniqueness

So in the end this figurine gets a huge thumbs up for me.  It’s from TTGL which is just an epic anime which deserves epic figurines.  It’s not just your standard run of the mill figurine either, it’s pretty obscure which gets it bonus points for me.  Yoko was a great character from this anime albeit a bit of a black widow spider.  The base is nice, the detail is great, the accuracy is there even though it’s from a pretty random part, I love this figurine, it’s in my top 10 favourite for sure.  48/50.  This is a must buy for any TTGL fan, even if you have to go pick it up on E bay.  If I didn’t own this figurine I would easily drop $300 to get it. Would you agree? Would you get Yoko? Let us know what you think.

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