Odin Sphere – Velvet – 1/6 PVC Figure – Yamato

Odin Sphere, anyone that loves video games and has yet to play this is missing out.  I can say I did not actually get Odin Sphere until a few years ago, maybe 1 year and 6 or 7 months.  After playing the game I instantly fell in love with it, its a side scroller game with amazing art.  Ironically, Velvet was one of the characters that jumped out at me when I played it.  I had seen this figurine available before (March 2010) and I did go as far as to place an order for it not even knowing much about it, as I had not played the game yet.  Sadly there was some confliction with my wallet and lack of funds so I was unable to get her at that time.  Although she was re-released again in August of the same year and this time I had played the game and knew I had to have her.  The wife agreed and so here we are!

This is a 1/6th scale version of Velvet from Odin Sphere. She is about 260 mm tall  and was produced by Yamato. This figure was sculpted by Bubba who sculpted the best Yuki figurine ever, along with another Yuki figurine I really love.

Its going to be hard to judge appearance on this figurine because the game is basically 2D and as all of you should know, figurines are 3D.  The figurine is extremely accurate though for what it was given to work with.  Its actually quite impressive how exact this figurine is to the game, even down to the holding of her weapon.  I cannot thing of anything to critique on this for appearance at all. 10/10

The construction on this figurine is impressive yet unimpressive at the same time.  The weapon she has the links are actually made of metal an the addition of the crystals that are clear and see-through is impressive to say the least, it really does make a stunning figure.  Now for the issues I have with it, it really is only one and its common in a lot of figurines.  The footholds, they are the slightly raised footholds that allow for the girls in high heels to have.  While she is centered in it I do find her to be very wobbly.  I cannot say I honestly fear that she will fall over but she does seem to be quite top heavy.  The star based design of the base and the positioning make it difficult for her to fall but I would say the head will move easily 2-3 cm forwards and backwards on this.  I will give it an 8/10, I don’t like being scared of my figurines falling over.

Painting on this figurine is immaculate, no issues at all, I love the job done.  The shading is done excellent, this is an above average paint job. 10/10

Detail is great on this figurine, looking at the face and her eyes you can actually see her eyelids with eyelashes, most figurines are a flat surface on the eyes but this one does actually accentuate the eyelids themselves, which is impressive.  Having the bottom part removable to show sexy panties on this figurine is also another small detail that I’m sure a lot of fans appreciate.  The way the hair flows out and the way the hood cascades down is just amazing.  The stockings are done well and seem to be detailed enough to not look bland or plain.  The hands are perfect down to the ring and her fingernail polish.  I really do love this figurine, the more I look at it the more I notice about it.  10/10.

Uniqueness is good on this figurine.  The fact she has a weapon made from actual metal chain with the crystals on the end makes her stand out in our collection.  It helps that she almost commands attention with the red cloths and retarded perky breasts.  The base is nice although as I noted earlier I dislike the way the pegs work on this.  It almost has a marble finish on it with accents on every star point.  It looks very nice although it does feel quite cheap when holding it.  You can see some amount of effort went into it though to make it look different and I must appreciate that.  This is a game figurine and this is a GOOD game figurine, seeing this makes me want to get a few of the other ones from this series and I’m sure we will. Dinara and I have been eyeing up the old Gwendolyn figurine for some time and then with the new one coming out with the amazing base on it, I’m not sure how much longer we can hold out. 9/10 for uniqueness.

So in the end this figurine gets a 47/50.  This figurine is a must buy even for collectors that have not seen nor played the game.  The detail in so many areas makes this stand out, I want to slap myself silly for not getting this the first time.  In fact I do remember whining to Dinara for a few months afterwards about not getting it.  2 thumbs up way, way up for this one.

So let us know, have any of you people seen this game played or played it yourself? What did you think of it? Do any of you own this figurine? Most importantly is there anything I missed here or even anything you disagree with, let us know!

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