Saber Alter – Vortigern – Good Smile 1/7th PVC Figure

Firstly I have to say, I do not know A LOT about the Fate Stay Night universe, while I do find the storyline to be particularly engaging I still do not know much.  I have seen a figma version of this figurine and it always intrigued me, in fact, I said if I ever caught it for sale I would buy it making it the first figma we would own.  Fortunately it has never come to that because our friends at Goodsmile have blessed us with this magnificent Saber figurine.

This figurine was released in May 2011 by Goodsmile.  Dinara and I tried to purchase it from Hobby Fan but sadly they did not receive enough copies of it to send us one.  Fortunately our good friends at Ani Modelling did happen to get it for us so we rushed down and picked it up.  We purchased this figurine for $130 CAD.  It is a 1/7th scale model of Saber from Fate Stay Night.

So when I speak of accuracy on this figurine I have to point out again, I have not personally seen or read anything that has to do with this Vortigern Saber.  I did look at some pictures online and it did seem to look pretty accurate, its difficult for me to speak to this because I know next to nothing of this side of Saber or Fate Stay Night, so I will just leave it at, there is multiple parts for Saber the pictures I have seen make it seem accurate, I will forgo accuracy on this one.

The construction on this is as to be expected of GSC.  Its very sturdy its very weighty and it feels like it would never fall over even from the most vigorous shaking.  It would be more likely to fall off the shelf in its entirety.  It really is built quite sturdy, its exactly what you would be looking for in a display figurine.  The only complaint I have about the construction in this figure is the main sword.  Her hands are clasped as if she is holding it in both hands but she is in fact not.  The base of the sword is actually about 2 millimetres away from her hand, from far away you would never notice, from close up though, it just looks odd.  9/10 for construction.

Painting on this figurine is great, the detail work is amazing.  Again this is something I’ve grown to expect from GSC.  The shading is great the red veins on the armour and the sword is amazing. The eyes… well the eyes do have that weird blue shading in them again which I cannot understand.  The base is so awesome on this figurine. 8/10

There really isn’t a lot to talk about on detail for this figurine.  The addition of the mask and the second sword is a nice touch.  The golden eyes look fierce and the action pose is great.  The armour looks epic, I would buy another figurine like this in a second, I love the huge sword.  Although while I do love the huge sword we wont use it because of it’s weight, we don’t want the arms on the figurine to sag.  As well we don’t keep the mask on just because I love the look of Saber’s eyes.  Its a little unfortunate, but when it does come down to it sitting here looking at the figurine, it is a little bland.  There is a lot of dark colours on the figurine and its really all the same.  Despite that, they do the best with what they have available. I give detail a 9/10.

This figurine is pretty unique in our collection.  Its an action pose which we DO seem to be getting more and more of although it’s just dark.  The base makes it stand out, I love how they have Fate Stay Night written on there and I love the texture and the look of it.  It honestly was the first thing I noticed when I saw this figurine. Saber is close to one of my favourite figurine models, she has so many different ones and almost all of them are good.  This figurine gets a 10/10 for uniqueness

In the end I was stoked to get this figurine, I am so glad we were able to get it from our friends at Ani Modelling and I’m glad to have it in my collection.  Saber is quickly becoming the new Haruhi or Yuki in our collection due to the crazy amount of them we have, I suppose I do have a lot of Shana too.  If you are a fan of this series, this is a must get, if you are not a fan of this series I would still recommend this due to the excellent quality of this figurine.  GSC never disappoints me that’s one thing I have learned.

Does anyone know the lore of this figurine or have anything else that we should put into this review?  What do you guys think of this figurine? Please let us know sometime.

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