Bakemonogatari – Kanbaru Suruga – Good Smile Company – 1/8 PVC Figure

Another Bakemonogatari figurine here for me to review. My wife and I have a few of these, in fact we have all of them except for Araragi at least on order.  We are anxiously waiting for a release of him in non crappy figma form.  This is Kanbaru Suraga made by the Good Smile company, I am unsure of the actual release date, although Hobby Search shows it as late July 2011.  We purchased this figurine from Hobby Search in restock for $110.

This figurine surprised the hell out of me as soon as I opened it up.  I honestly cant say what I was expecting to see but it definitely was not what it was.  All of the piles of books are separate from the base and needed to be placed.  It was pretty odd to see how it was all packaged and I can understand the hefty price of $110.  Most of our figurines cost on average $80 I would say but this one was more clearly because of the amount of PVC used in its creation.

The attention to detail on this figurine is definitely good.  Her arm that is bandaged moves on a shoulder joint so u can rotate it up and down if you wish which is nice.  I just love the look on her face, this figurine captures her character from the show so well.  Ironically she is definitely one of my favourite females in the show.

I’ll admit that I have a hard time finding something to dislike about this figurine, it hits all the points very solid that I love in a good figurine.  Interesting base, the grass leaves coming out of it fit in so well, I was concerned while placing the books on there that they might be in the way, nope, fits like a glove, exactly what I should expect from GSC.  I suppose one could say that the base does not include those books but for this figurine I’d say it does.  The figurine of Kanbaru herself does not peg in anywhere.  She actually is just sitting on the pile of books and I have to give it some extra points for that because they did it so well.

I love the fact that the books she’s sitting on are all boy love books <or so I’m told>.  Again, fitting her personality so well.  The basketball is on the books to show she loves that, something that I could take or leave but I still like it.  She’s wearing her spandex too which again, just attention to detail.  Of course if that was missed I would wonder what the hell they were thinking.  The book she’s holding in her hands is removable as well and despite the fact it really is only fingers holding it, its in there very good, no chance of it falling out easily.

The overall construction of this figurine is just great, the only complaint I have is the same complaint I have with basically every figurine in existence and that’s the hair seams.  I really wish we could do something about them, they REALLY do stand out on this one more then your typical figurine.  All of the parts otherwise fit in very well character wise and construction wise.  The way the grass goes right up against the books adds to it to just give it a more complete feel.

All in all, if you are a Bakemonogatari fan, this is a must buy, if you aren’t, I would still recommend it as it is a unique piece as far as figurines go.  I will give this figurine a 95%.

As always, let us know what you guys think of the figurine in the comments section.  If you feel I missed anything please let us know, or if there is any figurines you would love for us to review again please let us know.  Thanks guys/gals.

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