*NSFW* Chu x Chu Idol – Hiyori Pixy – Good Smile Company 1/8 PVC Figure

So even though Bloodfrost said that we would be reviewing our new Tohsaka Rin figure this week we unfortunately have issues with her and have to send her back to be replaced. So this week instead I am reviewing the Good Smile Company’s cute 1/8th scale rendition of Hiyori Pixy from the hentai game Chu x Chu Idol! If you like cute blue haired loli’s with pumpkin hats this is the review for you!

Not ever playing this game I had to do some research on Hiyori. She is a demon girl who’s true demon powers are all stored in her pumpkin hat. Hiyori is a demon fighting off some evil Brigade that is after the game’s main female character Chuchu. The clothes she is wearing in this figure are her demon clothes. If you can even call them that.

Now to get to the figurine itself, there is one thing that makes this figurine so awesome. Her hat. Not only is it a huge pumpkin, but it is actually magnetically attached to her head. So you can’t really accidentally knock it off if you bump the figurine case or look at it funny like some figurines.  And it’s a decently strong magnet too. She is the only figurine in our collection to have a hat like this, though we know that this isn’t the only figure like this. Her hat is obviously one of the first things you would notice since it is huge and orange. The puzzled face on it really just makes the hat and the big leaves on it just add to the detail. The ribbons and the veil are all attached to the pumpkin which really cover up her top half. Some how making her seem less naked when it is on her head.

This figure was released in January of 2009, Bloodfrost added Hiyori to his collection before I met him. She didn’t have her clothes on when I met him so I had to dig out her box to find her clothes. Doing so I found and unfortunate downside to this figure…. her pants. When I first tired to put them on they were a HUGE pain! Trying to match the correct front and back and then to find out which leg they were suppose to go on took a fair bit of time. They are a fairly swishy PVC and it look a lot of coxing to get them to snap on. Not to mention they leave huge ugly seams, but truthfully I wouldn’t know how else they could have done them while still making them cast off.

Her base is simple with her pumpkins face on it and the name of the game she is from. Nothing special but it gets the job done by holding her up with two pegs in her right foot. For standing on one foot she is well balanced, but the base does have a habit of falling off when you pick her up. I wouldn’t be one to hold her by just the base for she is fairly top heavy and would probably make a dive for the floor.

Now to get the obvious part. She’s pretty much naked. You can see that she has a cute, nicely sculpted, little butt. There is just the tiniest piece to cover her cover her lady parts. Taking off her shirt thing shows her breasts have nipples but they didn’t really get into coloring them really. Simple but it still looks nice, it is Good Smile after all.

Even naked she isn’t any where near offensive by any means. Her cute and innocent look and pose makes her seem very natural. Truthfully we have her displayed in our main living room and both sets of our parents have seen her. I doubt most people can generally do that with to many nude figures, and say their parents weren‘t offended haha.

Over all as long as you don’t have issues with nude figurines I would suggest Hiyori to anyone. Her pants are the biggest turn off and since they are completely optional you don’t have to display her with them on! The most unfortunate part is that since she is an old figurine it’s not something that you can just buy from Hobby Fan or Hobby Search any more, you would have to go onto Ebay and find her if you wanted her. If Good Smile ever re-releases her then definitely snap her up if you aren’t up to spending the money to get her on Ebay!

If you have every played Chu x Chu Idol or would like to add anything to this review we would love to hear your comments!

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