The Dark Side of Figurine Collecting

Many people collect figurines, not many people that I know, but it clearly is a somewhat lucrative business practice, otherwise you would not see so many out there.  Dani and I have been collecting for some time now, I personally started about 1 year before I met her, so I suppose that would take our collection to 4 years old now.

We just thought we would share with some of you what I like to call, the dark side of figurine collection.  Its not just the money that it involves but the sheer amount of space required to keep a hold of some of the most dreaded things in any figurine collectors collection…


So many boxes.  As if the ones that the figurines themselves come in aren’t enough, every month or so we always seem to have 4-5 shipping boxes just laying around our house taking up room.  I hate them, I hate them so much.  Our cats on the other hand love them but its just so frustrating having them all over the place.

Which brings us to our true enemy… the figurine boxes.  As a collector of figurines, you can’t just throw away the boxes, oh heavens no, the boxes are as much a part of the figurine as the figurine itself!  If they truly are a collectors item, then you would be insane to throw away the figurines box.

Until a few days ago, we had a decent sized closet that we used to keep them in, I personally lost count of them a long time ago but somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind they were always there, lurking, waiting for a time to strike.  The boxes themselves are pure evil, of this I have no doubt in my mind.  I’m sure if we didn’t lock them up in that closet they would come into my room at night and do awful things to me.

The closet we kept them in was a forgotten dead zone to me, even when we got a new figurine and we had to put the box away, I would always just toss the box aside and take for granted that my wife Dani would eventually make it disappear, yet another box I don’t have to face the reality of anymore.  Until a few weeks ago when the Edward Elric box was left sitting out for a few days and I made the comment of “Hun how come this box isnt put away” and she just gave me a look of pure fear and dread.  The closet was full, trying to put anymore in there risks damaging the boxes… something had to be done….

We have since found a solution to our problem… but make no mistake fellow figurine collectors… the boxes will destroy us all…

How many figurines boxes can you count? Click here for a wallpaper size picture of our boxes.

20 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Figurine Collecting

  1. I probably counted some boxes twice and missed others…I count 138. If the average price of each of your figurines is $80 your collection stands at around $11040 for money dropped on these sucker.

    Congratulations. Put those boxes in the form of a car cuz that’s how much they’re worth!

    1. Including our trading figures and our random chibis. And according to myfigurecollection we have a total of 176… take away all though and 138 would be pretty close. I haven’t actually counted them myself. haha

  2. Should it truly terrify me that I’ve been actively collecting since 08 and seriously since the end of 09… by myself, and have nearly 100 scaled and (according to MAL) just over 200 overall? Because after reading your post and seeing the answer of 138 by that first commenter, I’m scared. Especially since I’m still just part time and have been the entire time I’ve been collecting. /wakeupcall

    Anyway, the boxes really are terrifying. I wonder what mine would look like all stacked up like that. o.o I have a closet for mine too, and they’ve been drifting out of the closet also as of late (the BRS set’s box sizes are insane – they’re a nightmare! I swear GSC is against collectors! ) to be stashed in random other places. Any hole or cubby of space that isn’t being used and directly out in the open is going to have a box, eventually. It’s just sad that how pretty the box is doesn’t make a difference as much as the size of it, though. I find myself wishing and hoping that each figure I get has a box that’s just hardly larger than it – just enough to cushion but not overbearing. And when there are honestly pretty boxes (like the BRS set) that are oversized… all I can do is think “why? why me? This is ridiculous!” as I try to shove the box somewhere… anywhere.

    Urgh. A nightmare indeed!

    1. Yes once you realize that your closet is over flowing and you can’t fit any more figurine boxes in it…. you get a good wake up call on how many figurines you actually have. haha And unfortunately the BRS boxes are not our biggest ones… haha… the DBZ and one P.O.P. boxes are bigger. haha

  3. Oh lord the box monster appeared XD I have around a quarter of that amount.
    Haha, I liked your buried under the boxes picture and the hidden cat as well.

    Storing the boxes is quite a pain,luckiy my parents allow me to store my boxes in the cellar for now. Well, the number of boxes is increasing anyway 🙁

    too prevent myself from being unable to buy new figures, because of space problems. I lately started selling less liked figures and figures that became unwanted.
    Renting an external container for storing could be a solution 😀

    1. We thought of asking our parents to store some boxes for us. hahaha But I don’t know if I could sell our figurines. It would make me sad. It was hard enough to put away a bunch to make room on our shelves for the ones we are getting in the new year…

        1. Naw, worst case i would prolly just bug my parents to let me store it under their stairs, as it stands right now, we put MOST of our boxes under our stairs so the closet upstairs is MOSTLY empty.

  4. I committed the unthinkable and threw out my boxes. It was a hard decision and it was a painful process (seriously, it took several hours to flatten the boxes and cut up the plastic blister within them) but in the end it was largely worth it.

    While figures are collector items, I have no intention of selling most of mine anytime soon. The ones I do end up selling will just have to go for cheap, but considering how expensive figures are nowadays I’m sure it’ll just make my fellow collectors happy. Nothing feels better than getting a highly wanted figure for cheap, yeah?

    But seriously, my box collection was as about as big as yours. And it really does get terrifying when you stack ’em all up like that. You can make a fort with those boxes!

    1. What you threw away all your boxes? But now you’ll never be able to resell them! Though I guess if you are going to make them really cheap…. I just couldn’t think of destroying the boxes…. I mean how would you move them safely?

      1. This. Resale value and protecting the figure during transport are the main reasons I see for holding on to the boxes even if you don’t have any immediate plans to get rid of your figures.

        Fortunately, I have fewer figures and plenty of space, so holding on to all of my boxes hasn’t become a huge issue yet, but I could certainly see it becoming a problem at some point down the road. Whether it’s shelf space or closet space, it seems like storage is always at a premium for collectors.

          1. As I mentioned, it wasn’t the easiest decision (mainly because of the huge hit when it comes to reselling). I’ve got quite a few figures but most of them are ones I want to keep. Really there are only about ten or so I’d consider giving up, and many of these were impulse purchases because they were already on clearance.

            While most collectors value the boxes almost as much as the plastic prize itself, there are others out there who either throw out boxes (for various reasons) or will buy a boxless figure.

            As for moving, I’ve actually already done that once without the boxes. Wasn’t easy, mind you. It involved lots of bubble wrap. And I mean LOTS! But the move was a success and no one in my plastic army took any damage.

  5. Dear lord that is a lot of boxes. I think I have about a third of that, thankfully most of my figures are figma. I recently got to stack my boxes like that and it shocked me somewhat to see how big the stack got. And then actually moving them, wow, don’t want to go through that again. But a couple months before we moved, we started to hoard the shipping boxes from figure shipments to help us move, they turned out to be very handy. And afterwards, most got flattened and thrown out.

    1. Fortunately at my job we always have tons and tons of boxes so it’s good that way we don’t have to worry about it when we move…. but I do fear moving. hahaha

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