Suzumiya Haruhi (Pre-painted) Gathering Edition 1/7 Resin Kit

So we are switching it up a little bit this week because we can.  We recently ordered a figurine from not sure if many of you have heard about it, they generally deal with resin kits.  I have ordered a total of 3 figurines from this site, all pre-painted gathering resin kits, mostly because I don’t need to order PVC from them.

I’m not sure if many of you are aware but there is a figurine on my “to buy” list and I am guessing it will be there forever.  Here is a nice link of it.

Now I am not kidding when I say I would ACTUALLY kill someone to get this figurine if I had the chance… and I could get away with it.  As my wife will tell you I am a huge Yuki Nagato fan, she is my biggest 2D crush ever.  This figurine is obviously another resin kit and while I have seen it pre-painted available on Ebay, it was not done to my specifications.  It just looked like crap, lets be honest here folks.  Anyways I HIGHLY urge you to go to this site and wish list this figurine so they re-make it.

Anyways, lets do a review, its going to be hard for me to do this because this is obviously not something that was mass manufactured but something that someone put some hard work and time and effort into, which I will be taking into account while I speak to it…. yes I’m going to talk to the figurine…

First things first lets just close this window with the awesome Yuki figurine I want…. lets… I’m just gonna…. hmmm maybe leave it open on my other monitor here…  OMG PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE….

The way this company packages their Gathering resin kits is pretty impressive, it lead me to open the one that had the head first.  I was shocked to see the size of the head,  this is a 1/7 scale model and all of my other Haruhi figurines are 1/8 so I suppose that was to be expected.  Removing the rest of the set which was packaged so well I cannot stress this enough, I found that all the proportions were good.

One of the first things I noticed was the hair, I loved the detail on the hair, it was done so well for actually knowing someone painted this it really makes you appreciate the whole of the figurine more.  They clearly paid careful attention to the eyes which are important for a Haruhi figurine because the series has such beautiful eyes.  Moving down u can see the tendons on the neck which I do honestly find to be a little unsightly but at the same time it does fit in with the figurine.

The arm that’s holding the gun does come off and as their special gathering surprise, which they do for almost if not all of their figurines she does come with another arm that has a cheerleader pom pom.  Not a huge fan of it, I do like how they add the extra stuff to it that really just sets it apart from the others but I shall keep her with her space gun.  Again, the painting on the arm and the detail, I could not ask for better.

Moving down to the chest area, you can see she is very well endowed compared to my Yuki *stares at other monitor*…. Hmm? what? oh right Haruhi *closes window*.  I would have to be lying if I said that its not hot.  the tightness is portrayed very well in this figurine and honestly who doesn’t like a nice tight pair of tits staring at you.  The painting is great on it again, I have no complaints and it shows just the right amount to be racy and still ok to have on display on my main floor.

The one place where I do sort of lose the whole “this is sexy” motif is with the ribs, this comes into where I mentioned before in the neck area with the tendons.  This is a pretty anorexic Haruhi, in the pictures I have seen this did not bother me however actually holding the figurine and looking at it, it does bother me a bit.  This is part of the resin kit an has no baring on the actual work of E2046 though.

Moving down to the waist, she is shapey and curvy and that’s exactly what i like to see in all my figurines.  The skin color in my opinion at least is perfect, my wife is more of a stickler on that.  The tight small pants again are just sexy, who doesn’t love that style of pants and the sexy not caring pose she has just makes it all look so natural.  It never really occurred to me before that Haruhi really does have a bit of sex appeal even to me who likes the flat chested girls.

Moving down we have her legs with her long boots again done well, no complaints there, the base is a star, which I think is nice.  Especially with Resin kits, you find that the base is just a circle piece of wood that you have to buy yourself but these guys take it to the next level and get you something special.  I cannot honestly say I know if the original resin kit comes with the star base for painting or not but I still love the way they write their name “gathering” across it.  This sets it apart from the figurines in our collection.

I love this figurine, it will be one of the ones I cherish the most in our collection for some time, that does say something considering our collection.  I will give this figurine a 92%.  I really can say, in my opinion at least, this is the best gathering figurine that E2046 has made for me to date, I will continue to purchase pre-painted resin kits from them in the future and I urge you all to check out their site.

So what do you guys think of this figurine? Will you go to their site and check out some other resin kits that are pre-painted? Will you rant and rave to them to make more of those Yuki Nagato ones for me? Please?  Tell us what you think, we always want to know =D.

To see more pictures of this figure visit the Gallery!

<DINARA> Thank you for writing the review Bloodfrost, I really appreciate  all the effort you put into it. Since I was complaining to much about his grammar and spelling and how much I have to fix it hahaha


6 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi (Pre-painted) Gathering Edition 1/7 Resin Kit

  1. I was interested in getting her and now Im happy to see that this Haruhi figure turned out like this. For a GK she seems to be nearly flawless, the paintjob looks so clean *drool*
    head and hair seem to be very well made and the face is so cute, especially the shiny eyes look great.

    I like figures (and girls) with a petite bodyframe, well this Haruhi is a bit on the too thin side with her slender arms and the thin neck, but overall the attractive appearance preponderances clearly, I like her small ^^ curves and the lovely sculpted belly.

    thx for sharing the nice pictures of her, she’s lovely

  2. Oh yeah, this is a Bubba sculpt. His stuff is usually about as awesome as you can get. He also seems to have a preference for thinner girls, as there are several other resins by him where the girls ribs are visible.

    I remember the main issue people had with this Haruhi wasnt her thin appearance, but rather her armpit.

    Ive got a few Gathering items myself and theyre very nice. I had to stop buying them since…well…its pretty expensive, but Im glad to see their quality hasnt faltered.

    1. Yeah i dont have a lot of bad stuff to say normally about gathering, i knew it was a bubba sculplt too kuz i knew that about the yuki one…. drooools…. Definitly was good work tho, i love it.

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