Good Smile Company – Beatless – Lacia – 1/8 PVC Figure

I was not totally sold on this figurine when I first saw it but as I thought more on it the more it grew on it.  My wife brought this figure to my attention as it was from Good Smile and as we all know, they do damn good work.  So after having this figurine on our display shelf for a week or so, we finally decided to grab it up and do a review on it.

I do not know much about the character or what she is part of, I’m going to assume some sort of light novel, a quick Google search of course just confirmed this.  It seems that there is a few figurines that come from just such a place.  I believe that Black Rock Shooter was, also we have a Peppermint figurine that I will review in the future which came from a similar genre.

I must say, I do enjoy the figurines that come from the smaller means, not the big label figurines that come from popular anime and manga.  The main reason behind it is, there just seems to be more of a cult following with them.  They are not oversold and they are done in a way that pal could only describe as “right”.  Most of them come with a book with illustrations and such and I’m assuming part of the story, as I cannot read Japanese…yet… I will assume that’s what it is.

So lets talk about the figurine.  There is a few things I love about it, there is a few things I dislike about it, I wont say hate, I will say dislike.  I am currently in a love/hate relationship with the base of this figurine.  While I think from far away it looks different, it looks spectacular, however when you get close to it, you touch it and feel it or lift it, it feels flimsy and ALMOST cheap.  I won’t say it feels cheap, it feels ALMOST cheap.  It came in like… 8 or 10 parts and while putting it together I was constantly worrying about breaking it.  I wish I did know a little more about the character to know what the significance of this base, other then that it is a weapon, but let’s not read into this anymore.  Lets just say the base is very original, very stylish but I think it could of been done better.

So onto the figurine itself.  One of the first things I love about this, is the way it fits into its surroundings.  It has only 1 peg that her front leg goes into and her hand actually lightly grips into the top part of the base.  When I first saw this, I was dubious.  I did not thing that it would work to well but I have to admit, it ties almost flawlessly into the design of the figurine.  Just looking at it, it seems to have a flow to it and its not broken in any aspect to me.

The figurine is of course modeled incredibly well, I cannot honestly find any flaws in it at all.  This is what I generally expect from a Good Smile Company figurine.  The hair looks wonderful, it flows, the look on her face is lacking in emotion which in itself almost gives it a whole new emotional feel at the same time.  Her body is petite and slick and sexy.  The skin tight clothing she is wearing accentuates her curves and again ties into the flow of the entire figurine  and her daintiness with the contrast of the scope of the base just moulds the entire sculpture into a work of art.

I know I’m speaking pretty highly of this figurine but I do have to recognize that it is very well done.  I do however have a few things that I personally dislike about this but this all comes down to opinion.  Her ass, I know its realistic but a lot of the time we don’t watch anime for realism.  She has the painted on what appears to be rubber stockings which PERSONALLY I am not a fan of and her ass has the whole compressed skin thing going on in the back.  Not a big fan of that, realistic yes, sexy? Not really to me at least.  The other thing I dislike is in her hair, there is a green diamond which I almost mistook for a flaw but it clearly belongs there.  This just looks out of place to me.  Its not that I don’t like it, its just that I wish it had some more definition because just having as part of the moulding for her hair it seems out of place.

I have seen a few people comment on the figurine online and a lot of people say that this does appear to be small for a 1/8th scale figurine.  Its hard to say because it is from a light novel but I’m sure that someone out there has done the math and this would be a very tiny women if she was in fact to scale.  (4 feet 9 inches tall?) I agree with this sentiment, I do feel that this figurine does come off more as a 1/10th then a 1/8th to me.  However I did see someone else comment that the base would be too overpowering and just too large.  I completely agree, if you added another inch height to this figurine and then scaled the base up, it would just be way to over the top.  As it stands, it does seem a little petite but I’m sure they thought about this while they were sculpting it.

All in all, this is a nice figurine, its not my favourite in my collection but then again, its not Yuki Nagato, so how can it be?  Its a great figurine and looks awesome on our shelf, the dynamic pose is great, there is zero flaws on it that I could find.  I give this figurine a 92%, it loses a few points due to the flimsiness of the base itself but this is a must buy for any serious figurine collector.

To see more pictures of this figure visit the Gallery

Here are a couple pictures from the box and art book.

6 thoughts on “Good Smile Company – Beatless – Lacia – 1/8 PVC Figure

    1. I cant take credit for the pics, my wife is the one that does thos, however i do go over them normally with a fine tooth comb to make sure there’s nothing blatantly wrong with them.

      Thanks for the comment tho =D nice to meet ya too.

  1. So you bought her, she’s a very pretty figure.
    Im not too fond of her huge base, because of the space it needs to be displayed. I guess the base increased the price of her considerably.

    I can’t help myself, but I really like the crompressed skin look around her thighs and buttocks 😀 I also like the shiny look of her stockings 😀 Well I like the whole outfit of her.

    The face of her is really pretty and also the flowing purple hairstyle fits very well to black and light gray outfit.

    1. Hahaha yeah i knew that some ppl would like that compressed skin look, its just …. meh not for me =p. The base is a bit of an issue but at the same time not, we have a lot of Saber figurines and THOS are like… almost as big, not to mention our like.. giga drill breaker TTGL figurine haha, that things like 32 CM tall, doesnt fit in very many shelves.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of people go gaga for this figure but it just doesn’t appeal to me for some reason. There’s something about the mouth that looks a little unnatural.

    I will say that she has a really nice set of buttocks! Haha. Delicious :p!

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