New website theme!


As I hope you guys can tell, we have changed up our website! I have been working on making this new layout for a long time now so I hope that everything transitioned smoothly!

If you guys come across any errors at any time please let me know right away so I can work to fix it. It is my first time designing a wordpress theme so it was a little bit of a learning process for me. Though  I did to lots of testing there is always a chance that I missed something along the way!

I hope you guys enjoy the new layout, any suggestions and comments on it is appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “New website theme!

  1. *hits refresh* *looks at the header* *smiles*
    *hits refresh* *looks at the header* *smiles*
    *hits refresh* *looks at the header* *smiles*
    It’s pleasing ^^

  2. Getting a new theme is always nice, such a change of pace and quite refreshing.

    I can’t believe you actually went and made one. I concidered that for a bout a second before deciding it was too much trouble and instead bought the current theme in my blog and modified it.

  3. I went to school for website design so it wasn`t a huge stretch for me to make my own theme. The only things I had to get help with was the commenting system and inserting the widgets. Those were the only hard things for me.

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