Its…. coming…..

Oh, no wait, its already here.  As I’m sure many of you are familiar with, I am a lolicon, I love my lolis quite a bit.  So of course I have a decent collection of Loli figurines.  I should quickly point out that not all of these figurines would be considered full on “loli”.  A good chunk of them are just DFC which is acceptable as well.  I do make a good effort to try to get all the cute loli figurines I do see but a lot do slip through the cracks.

Because of the large amount of them I… we…. have I thought it would make sense to do a quick blurb about them.  I would like to apologize for the picture quality, it is not up to the par that we normally do, we had a lot of lighting issues due to 2 of our lights breaking -_-.

So as I am sure everyone knows, when a loli hugs you she hold you closer to her heart, a well known and loved fact.  Lolis are God’s creation to make men like me happier, they are so goddamn adorable.  Well, I will keep it short, here is a quick highlight of some of my loli figurines…. our loli figurines….  Again, keep in mind that not all of them would be considered loli but I love them for their flat chests >_<.

Oh just so you know we will review these figures individually  as well at some point…

Here is a loli AMV as well.

Anyways let us know what your opinion on lolis are!

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