Shining Hearts -The Hidden Snow Princess Hayane – 1/8 PVC Figure

Well today we are going to review another shining hearts figurine.  This is the… second one that we have?  I am not fully sure, my wife would know more about this then i would, she did the other review I believe for the last one.  It was her first review ever…  T_T  …omg nostalgic!  Sometimes when I’m not feeling super good or I’m just being flat our lazy, the wife takes over the review portion ;).

So this is the hidden snow princess Hayane.  I do not know much about this series or game or show or whatever this is.  I just know that they have some nice figurines for them.  The cat thief had a newer figurine that is not yet out that I honestly struggled with internally as to whether we should get it or not, however we decided since we have her once, we shall not get her again.

Short bit of information about the figurine, we purchased it from Hobby Fan for about 70USD.  Price is right as far as I am concerned, nice to have a cheaper figurine, it IS currently in stick still if anyone is interested right here.   The figurine is made from Kotobukiya, whom as I have said several times, am very familiar with.  Their figurines are normally a hit for me, however I do have some which I feel were sub par.

Onto the figurine however.  I am sad as I write this, because I have to take Dark Magician Girl off my desk now to make room for this figurine… *glares at figurine*… grrr…. Fortunately this figurine is nice as well, not super cute… but nice.

So first few things that strike me instantly is the base, I love it, until you get a closer look to realize its a two part base.  Then the sword, I like girls with swords, I try to get them whenever i can, this is no exception.  The sword hilt has a snowflake on it, which in my opinion, just fits the figurine so well.  +1 point for flow!  As well I am a fan of the more “action pose” figurines.  Its a little dynamic, it appears as if she is I don’t know… running? Maybe jumping down? I’m unsure but the half drawn sword with the flowing hair does make for a pretty figurine to look at.  Talking more about the hair, a closer look at it shows that its actually layered very interestingly.  The hair is done quite well on this figurine, it seems different from others with its 2 layers, very very good.

A few other minor things that most people would not really look at is the way the figurine fits into the base.  It fits in very snug, it does not move much at all despite the fact it only has one point of contact on the base.  The other major thing as well is the center of gravity.  If you look at the figurine, you can see that its center of gravity is almost directly over the point of contact on the base.  These two points are something that is hard to really grasp while looking at just a picture but it is so very important to collectors that actually DISPLAY their figurines.  It makes me happy to see that this was probably taken into account with the design.

So with all figurines I review, I will always try to find some sort of fault with them, weather its big or small.  I do honestly have a few gripes with this figurine, nothing really major its a solid design, its strong points WELL out weight any negative points I can point out.  Actually to be perfectly honest, I can’t say there is anything wrong with the figurine, its more of a personal opinion on the character.  I think the hands are too small holding the sword, they feel flimsy, I think her butt with her panties looks… odd… its clearly not meant as a fan service thing its meant to just be part of the pose but it seems… lacking.

Hmmm I suppose there are some things with the figurine itself.  Her left breast has some sort of marring on it, not sure if that was part of the production process or just poor handling on the packing.  The base, while looking very nice from far away and certain angles, because the base itself is see through, you can actually tell very easily that it is 2 parts.  It would of been nicer to see some sort of texture effect or coloring effect on the main portion of the base, similar to what you see on the “ice” portion of the base, just all over.  Having the 2 of them clearly connected, yet at the same time you are unable to take them apart seems silly to me.

The figurine is done very well, as expected from Kotobukiya most of the time, it has very good flow, the paint job and detail on it is actually VERY nice.  Sometimes on figurines u will see seems on the PVC or inaccuracies on the painting around fine details.  None of that is apparent on this figurine so I do have to give it very good marks on that aspect.  This is a solid figurine all around, I do personally feel it is a LITTLE boring but the quality on this is of the same quality i would see on most Good Smile figurines, better in fact in most cases.  If it was not for the base I would have a very hard time keeping this from the high 90’s.  With it all said and done, I will give it a 92%, I would recommend this to anyone’s collection.  Its dynamic pose sets it apart from most of our figurines and its unique base at least from far away is an eye grabber.  Once you get a close up look of the figurine, you can still see the high production quality of the figurine itself, except the base.

As always everyone, thank you for reading and looking at our website, its nice to have feedback on something my wife and I enjoy immensely for a hobby and we love to share our opinions and views of anything PVC with you all!  Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Shining Hearts -The Hidden Snow Princess Hayane – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. Not to sure if I like this figure, then again I been biased against Tony Taka’s illustrations.

    I do like some of the motifs on the figures such as the hilt on the blade and the hilt. I also like the pose, nice dynamic poses are always nice, plus the pose is quite fan servicy with the skirt and a peek at the right angles.

  2. The hilt and the pose were my favorites, but I really love her outfit too.

    I wouldn’t say she is a favorite but I am happy we have her. She is very pretty in my opinion.

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