Alter – Orihara Izaya – Durarara!! – 1/8 PVC Figure

IIIIIIZAAAAAYAAAAAAAA!!!! *rips street sign out of ground*  Is all I can think about when I see this figurine, him and freaking Shizuo my god, such a good pair.  I’m not sure if everyone is aware but there are figurines coming out for both Shizuo and Celty, Shizuo is available for pre-order right now.

I was going to comment that we do not have a lot of male figurines in our collection but as I was looking through the collection on or whatever it is, I noticed that we DO in fact have a decent amount.  Interesting to say the least…  This figurine, I have not really had a good look at it until today, in fact, until just now I assumed this was made by Megahouse.  It looks like it would be almost, the way the face is done and the sculpting, but it is in fact done by Alter.

I should do a quick shout out to anyone that has not seen the anime Durarara!! its actually pretty damn good, I would recommend it to anyone…

With that said, onto the figurine.  Its not really a flashy figurine at all but it definitely grabs the character perfectly.  There is a decent amount of fine details that were hit upon that does make this figurine something we wanted in our collection.  Besides the fact that this was one awesome character.  The painting on the figurine is done really well but he is all neutral colors and it does make him a LITTLE boring to look at.

The Jacket he is wearing is very solid and well done, the way it flows just seems right and the fluffy parts around the edges look very nice.  Detail on that is something I would not of been surprised to see done poorly, I have seen little details like that done bad on many many figurines but this one is top notch.

He can even be holding his cell phone which is typical of his character and the details on it are actually again quite good.  it even has a little dongle hanging off of it that’s a question mark.  I just took a better look at the cell, its a pretty good fit in his hand.  Its tight enough that it does not LOOK like it should come off and the seam is covered mostly from the arm and the neck of the jacket, very well done.

As you have seen, you get two different arms with this Izaya figure. The other arm is holding a knife that he is shown with in the series, something that he even fights with. It’s not a action pose, but with his smirk it’s definitely a challenge, probably to Shizuo.

I do have an issue that it seems that most male figurines just seem to lack I don’t know… oomph.  You look at a male figurine and its just a little boring most of the time.  They seem to not capture some of the charisma of the characters correctly.  Izaya is a bit different, you can almost feel his confidence flowing off the character.  You know he’s scheming something just looking at him, his facial expression shows it.

I did want to speak briefly about the base of the figurine, as you know that is one of my “things”.  I cant stand a boring base.  This base, while its a little… normal, still stands out great for me.  On the ground in poor light it appears to be black, once u pick it up and it hits the light its a dark red with black lettering on it that says DRRR!!  Its nothing…SPECIAL… but for some reason it pleases me =3.

All in all this figurine doesn’t really have anything that jumps out at you nor does it have any huge glaring flaws.  Its a good figurine for any collector especially if you loved the series.  The other 2 will complete the set.  I would recommend this one just because its a great quality figurine.   It really does have a great quality finish on it, I’ll give it a 92%.  I honestly do not have anything negative to say about it, it just doesn’t sparkle like some of the other figurines out there.  It is a little bit too bland, even if it does match the character.

Again as always, thanks for visiting the site, post some comments for us and either my wife or I will reply =3.

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Now for my favorite Durarara!! AMV of all time. You can also download it at Just a heads up there are a fair amount of spoilers in this, but you don’t know they are actually spoilers until you start watching the series. haha

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