Astarotte no Omocha – Astarotte Ygvar – CM`s Corporation – 1/8 PVC Figure

Well I think we all saw this one coming.  I get a decent amount of comments from people saying that they are surprised to see myself being a self proclaimed lolicon.  Lets be honest here people, do you really think after I started to review some of these figurines that you would not of already made these assumptions hmmmmmmm?…. HMMMMMMMMMM????… exactly!!!

I saw this figurine and I watched about 94% of this series, for those that don’t know, its about a loli succubus who hates men and she is the princess in the … magical world i guess?  Its been a little bit since I saw it hehe.  Anyways, great series, I really did enjoy it, I still have yet to watch the OVA.  I shall probably always regret not pre-ordering the other figurine of her <that’s not beach queen *spits on ground*>.  Let me dig up a link of it.  Yeah this one. Although the more I look at it, the less and less I like it, mainly because I’m comparing it to the one I have.  This one just seems more flushed out, her face isn’t as good and..Hey wait a minute!! I’m reviewing THIS figure not that other Chara-Ani one!

MOVING ALONG…  This figurine was a freaking no brainer for me, the face, its so goddamn cute, I cannot believe that someone would take such a cute anime loli and make a figurine like this, it should be illegal.  I have a shit ton of good things to say about this figurine and I will try my best to find some nitpicks about it as well, I have yet to find any but I have not looked very hard.  So lets start with the good.

The face, that is the first thing that gets me, I love anime girls with little fangs, its awesome, and she has the big smiling face with the 2 fangs and the blushing cheeks like… my god, its enough to melt even the coldest persons heart.  The way she is standing there with her hands on her knees bending over looking at you, its like a little kitten that wants to play with you!

The way she is in the base, it confused me at first, I didn’t really understand it just looking at pictures.  She basically has the back of her heels go into the base so u can see all the bottom of her feet.  Its .. its actually REALLY good the way it works out, it totally helps with the flow of the figurine.  I love it.

Her hair, its pretty rare you see an anime figurine with blonde or yellow hair like this so she instantly stands out from everything else.  Blonde hair in an anime generally means you are from Europe but since she’s from a magical world, she can have whatever colour they damn well want and it just ramps the cuteness factor up.

Pervert factor is now over 9000 with me … but her panties.  I got the special edition <apparently, I never knew I did> so she comes with green and white striped panties!  If I had the normal version it would of just been white! WHAT A WASTE THAT WOULD OF BEEN! MY GOD!  How can you have a white panties version! Holy shit I feel so sorry for anyone that didn’t get the green and white striped panties version….

Ok, so lets recap here, super adorable face, super cute pose, intuitive base connection, green and white striped panties… what am I missing here?  Oh shit that’s right, she has an awesome tail.  That gives her another +5 points to cuteness, I think that brings her over 100 points here people.  She has antenna’s all over her hair too flying around everywhere, super cute cloths as well!

So onto the negatives… The only thing I can remotely think about is the base, or perhaps the tail.  The base, while its good, I cannot find anything wrong with it and at the same time i would question how to make it better?  It is still just a semi flat disk of white with a decal on it.  The more I look at the tail, I can actually see it is done quite well, so ignore that, we shall more to the pieces of hair that come off the left and right.  Those also come off, because of that, you can see that.  They do not go as flush as I would like.  God am I grasping at straws here though because it honestly doesn’t look that bad either.

I’ve already been told by one of my friends that I’m biased on this figurine but you know what? Screw it, this figurine gets a 98%.  I would give it 100% if it was not for the fact that I know I’m probably biased here.  This is, without a doubt, one of my favourite figurines in our collection currently. Find it, buy it, steal it, do whatever you have to do <don’t steal it from me> to get this figurine.  She will brighten up your day just by having her!

What do you guys think of this figurine, am I being too biased? I honestly pride myself in being able to find faults with almost any figurine and I swear I did try.  Let me know what you guys think.

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6 thoughts on “Astarotte no Omocha – Astarotte Ygvar – CM`s Corporation – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. As loli characters go this is probably one of the more loli-like characters haha. She’s very cute, the shimapan just add a lot to her cuteness. I also like almost any character with thigh high socks.

    I liked the anime and I think I like this figure, very nice.

    1. Yes she is really true loli in my eyes. I love this figure since she is just so adorable!!! Her shimpan really make is as well haha so cute…..

  2. ah, the cute little Lotte 😉 The show was so nice and heartwarming.

    The pose looks quite adorable and also the face turned out very cute.
    Stockings and striped pantsu, the killer combination for a cute loli XD

    Im happy for you that you received a good figure of Lotte.

  3. I have yet to watch the show, I do have it sitting there all ready.

    Now that’s a special edition worth getting, shimapan for the win. Such a cute fanservicy figure this is with her putting out her tushie like that.

    1. I haven’t watched the show at all either… But that doesn’t stop her from being so cute ahaha. Every one should have Astrarotte in their collection.

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