Good Smile Company – Fate Stay Night – Triumphant Excalibur Saber – 1/7 PVC Figure

What can I say? I am a huge Saber fanboi. It actually surprises me almost every time I think about it. Not really sure when this started, I could say I have always liked Saber but I think it REALLY came to fruition when I played the Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel. I’m not sure what it is about her but she is probably in my top 5 fav anime female characters.

When buying Saber figurines I definitely made a few mistakes, this was probably one of the biggest ones, not in a bad way, well … Let me explain I suppose. When this figurine came out, Saber Lily came out very close to around the same time and I opted to get Saber Lily… mostly because I’m pretty sure it came out maybe 1-2 months before. Then after I had my pre-order of Saber Lily Triumphant Excalibur version came out. To which I said to myself “You don’t need that one, you got the other one”… BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. I was young and naive back then! Once I got the Saber Lily version, I felt a giant hole in my heart, it wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t “Saber” at least not the Saber I knew, I instantly regretted not getting this one.

There sure is a lot of Saber figurines on the market but of all the recent ones this is probably my favourite. Its made by my favourite group, Good Smile Company. Oh I suppose I should enlighten you all as to how I have come by this figurine, it was not EBay. We are members of There is a member by the name of Shashin on there that was selling it, and while that’s not normally something we would do, purchase a second hand figurine, I knew that if I was ever to make an exception this was it.

Enough yammering on, lets talk about the figurine! The first thing that made me sweat with excitement was the whole “invisible sword” aspect of this figurine. I always thought that would be a damn fucking cool idea to do. Its still very tangible but like, common that’s so goddamn awesome. They have her real sword as well… not like the other one was less real… anyways I loved that I just thought it made the figurine.

Saber’s outfit, it was/is an oddity to me. For some reason I think it makes her look cute and dangerous all at the same time. That is just really weird but its such a pretty flowing outfit and, its so hard for me to explain my draw to it. It flows so well and its big and out there. The colors are amazing and I love how it has the steel as well. The breastplate as well is just memorable to me, its awesome.

Saber herself has a boyish charm about her, looking at her from far away she just looks like a knight a super sexy awesome knight! That’s another thing about this figurine, Saber has her high standard of honour and you can almost feel her vigilance looking at this figurine. Good Smile has always been good at having an “energy” in all of this figurines but this one is exceptional.

Ohhh goddamn I love this figurine, I think I need to put this in my room. Looking at the figurine there is very few things to complain about. The fine detail is not marred in any locations that I can see, its as close to flawless as I have come to expect from Good Smile. The only places where I see a lacklustre on the detail is in her hair. Even that’s not BAD but its definitely not fully up to my standards. The seam in her hair with her antenna does ruin the flow of the figurine a bit, the bun on the back of her head … no I guess its fine.

Here is where the big problem with the figurine comes in. Of course I love this figurine so I want to have it displayed, I actually have it displayed with Saber Lily and Alter Saber =D. Anyways, because of her AWESOME action pose it means that all of her weight is actually just on the foot in the back with pole holding it. That’s a lot of strain on the ankle of the figurine =(. I’m sure we all know how over time figurines will bend…. it made me sad to know that will eventually happen, so in the meantime I have a little plastic box under her front foot to distribute the pressure haha, it looks retarded but I cant have my saber figurine getting messed up.

All in all I can honestly say, this is one of my favourite figurines in our collection. Saber is fucking awesome and so is Good Smile, until the Saber on her motorcycle comes out this is going to be my favourite saber figurine. I’ll give this figurine a 91%, all the details that matter are done perfectly but at the same time, it pains me greatly to see that this leg might start to bend…. oh also if you look under her skirt its a little bland =( not sure how they would fix that, it just looks like she’s wearing white pants under it…. blab… Anyways, this is a must buy figurine if you do not have a Saber figurine yet! GO FIND IT SOMEHOW!

To see more pictures of this figure visit the Gallery

In closing, here is an AMV that I love with Fate Stay Night, this is actually from the movie Unlimited Blade Works, so if you have not seen it, it does contain spoilers.

4 thoughts on “Good Smile Company – Fate Stay Night – Triumphant Excalibur Saber – 1/7 PVC Figure

  1. Ah, GSC and their Sabers, they sure like to make a lot of them. I have to say this is my least favorite of the bunch. The main reason for that being how her face is obscured by her arm making her display options limited. Other than that, I think pretty much this as good as you can get nowadays with a Saber figure.

    1. I had a hard time getting good shots of her face. Even though her pose is really awesome and I love the action you can see in it. It’s a pain to have so much of her face covered! I understand why you would dislike that aspect of this figure. But I still really love this version of Saber despite it.

  2. Man, that really was a big mistake. When I first saw the pictures for Saber Lily Triumphant Excalibur, it already felt awkward to me. Doesn’t have the Saber ‘feel’ as you guys put it. For me though, my top favorite is Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~ which is the original and still the best Saber Lily figurine thus far.

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