Char-Ani – Shakugan no Shana – Shana – Strawberry Milk Ver – 1/8 PVC Figure

Shakugan no Shana was one of the first animes I watched with a Tsundere character, and I was freaking hooked.  Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I gave my wife a brain transplant with Shana… sometimes…. Maybe I’m just masochistic.  However lets be honest, one of the reasons why I love Shana is she is just way to fucking adorable and DFC and there is nothing bad about her.

I honestly did not know a heck of a lot about this figurine, however I do have a goal to own every single GOOD Shana figurine that exists.  Not both versions, as most have the red haired version or the black haired.  I personally do not have a preference between red or black hair Shana, but it appears my wife prefers the black hair.  From what I read this figurine was released on Feb 24th of 2012.  I could swear this was a re-release but apparently not, maybe some of you guys know better then me ;).  As much as I love my figurine collecting, I refuse to let it become a job and do intense research.  I pay the price for this however.

Wow, blabbing on enough? Ok this figurine was made by Char-Ani.  I personally don’t mind their work, I cant really say I own A LOT of theirs but I can’t say I have a bad one yet.  We actually got this figurine from Hobbylink Japan because it flew under the radar and it was in stock there.  Cannot remember the price, I believe it was $85 all said and done.

So as I said, there are 2 versions of this figurine that I personally saw, this was the one the wife gave the nod to and I’m sure it was only because I made puppy dog eyes at her. <Dinara: No! She was cute and it was a “Strawberry” version!>  There is a lot of sub par Shana figurines but this one does not fall under that category for me.  There is a few things I really like about it.  One she has her sword.  As I have said in a few reviews, I just like a girl with a sword.

The sculpting on the “cloth” around the sword is done… ok, I would not say its excellent, it’s about a B rank I would say, maybe B-.  It has some inconsistencies and some pitting on it which you can tell is done by either a poor mould or sculpting.  The hilts design is flawless at least, sometimes you can see that in some swords.

I think the biggest eye catcher to me on this figurine is her dress.  She is just so damn cute with it, the colors are just awesome.  It magnifies her cute level over 9000.  The pose she has that she is bending over a little bit and the sword is hiding her panties from behind… perfect… genius.

The hairstyle is really cute as well, I love the way its still hanging down loosely in her face area and the way it twirls off lower too.  I can say I am glad we got the black version not the red version.  The flower in her hair does however leave something to be desired.  Just the fine details on it are a little me.  It honestly looks like it was cut out a little poorly and some of the coloring mixes into the other areas… not much… but enough you will notice when you give it a good look.

Another thing I love about a lot of Shana figurines is that Alistair is normally there.  That’s just such a nice touch.  I recall one of the first figurines I bought was Shana and it had Alistair hanging around her neck, it actually blew my fucking mind.  Now I just look at it with approval that they still do it.  Its something that could easily be taken away and MOST would not care but its just that last final touch that really makes you nod in satisfaction.

All in all the figurine is quite good, there is a few small details that seem to be common of some of the “lesser” figurine manufacturers.  I do see this often but its the detail on the lines and edges and the blending of some colors.  The shoes for example on this figurine are nice and clean but the stockings on the thighs on the back are a little messy.  At the transition from stocking to leg.  Also the face, I’m not really sure how to place it… but the face just seems… a little odd….  Other then that however? Good figurine.

Rating scale on this, it seems that the more I review the more of a curve figurines get.  This one would get an 84%.  I did not mention this in the review but she is screwed into the base, which is a big no-no for me.  She is Shana and I love her to death but I would like to see a better quality Shana figure.

What do you guys think?  Is this one good enough for your collection? Anyone else a big Shana fan like I am? If so, toss me a link to some of the Shana figurines you think are the best, that way I can spend hundreds of dollars on them on Ebay and piss my wife off =3. <Dinara: *glares*>

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