Evangelion Shin Gekijouban – Asuka Langley – Alter – 1/8 PVC Figure

Evangelion, that name itself just brings back good memories of living with 3 of my other really good friends when I was 18, watching the anime on a 52 inch projection TV, man that was a long time ago haha. Evangelion will always bring back fond memories to me however I have always stayed away from the figurine aspect of the show… until now…

Asuka Langley in her plug suit from Evangelion 2.0. This one DID catch my eye and once I finally had this figurine in my grubby hands I instantly regretting not getting the other one of her kneeling. This figurine was made by Alter, apparently it was released in 2010/11/30. I must of gotten a re-release or I’m just getting too old because I don’t remember getting it that long ago. We purchased this one from our local figure store Animodelling Zone for about $80.

It is always nice to have low expectations when you get something that actually blows your mind. This was the case for this figurine for me, however I cannot speak for my wife. Funny story, she does love to cosplay and she goes to conventions. She wants to make a plug suit to which I said something along the lines of “Unless you want me to follow you with a gun and shoot anyone who looks at you I don’t think its a good idea”. However I’m thinking that it might be fun for the bedroom, or just to wear around the house when the roommates gone…. What was I talking about? Oh right the figurine again…

So as I said, this figurine surprised the hell out of me when we first got it. I was expecting something sub par but this figurine radiates excellence in many ways. First things first… that ass… those hips… my gawd… This figurine is DEAD SEXY. She has a very nice shapely body, I have wanted to review this one for awhile but put it off because Wieselhead and Adam from Figyura both reviewed the Max Factory version and I didn’t want to take their thunder ;).

So besides the ass and hips and painted on plug suit. There is definitely a few other things about this. The detail itself on the plug suit is just top fucking notch. I cannot find a flaw in it at all. The way its shiny just adds to the effect, the color is just so sharp!

Her pose, it does look seductive but when you look at her face it DOES sort of ruin the image for me at least. Its not that I was wanting some sort of slutty look on her face, I just, she seems a little bit too neutral. Maybe if she had MORE of a smile or less of a smile, I would of been happy. To see her either being angry, or just excited would of made the figurine for me, not just pleased… With that said, there isn’t anything wrong with the face at all detail wise, its done crisp and clean.

The hair is done really well, there must be a seam on it but its hidden very, very well in this case. I suppose they did have the luxury of being able to have layered hair like that but the way they worked it is just again, masterful. I enjoy the way the hair is blowing in the obvious wind.

This is where we get to a little bit of a point of contention with myself. The base. I love how she is sitting on a metal I-beam with rubble or rocks or what have you. But I have this figurine in my room in our glass display case and every time I walk past it, because of the stick holding her, i just watch her wobble and wobble and wobble. If it came down to it, I would say I like the base. Its innovative, its different, I really cannot ask for any more then that.

For an Alter figurine, this is top notch, if you are an oldie like me and loved the show when you were younger this is a must buy. If you are watching the current movies and love them, this is a must buy, even if you are an avid figurine collector? This is not a piece to miss. I give this figurine a 94%, there is very little room for improvement on this besides maybe some way to make the base more stable and changing her face to fit the “mood” better.

So what do you guys think? Too high of a rating? I honestly can say I did not think it would be that high, I figured I would find something that bugged me or some major flaw that knocked it down a few pegs. Should the wife and I try to get a few more of these figurines? I do want to have 1 from each of the characters from the movie… Let us know what you all think!

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