Loot from Japan

As you all know we recently came back from Japan. And of course, being that we are huge massive otakus, we brought back a good amount of figures and anime goods from our trip.

So where to start? Our biggest splurge would be our One Piece Kaizoku Musou Edition PS3. Being huge One Piece fans there was no way we were going to pass on this game, even if it was in Japanese. So the fact that we found it with the special edition Play Station 3…. we were more then sold on it. Of course though after we purchased the game we found out it will be released in North America this winter. haha… oh well I always will enjoy the Japanese voices over the English. Nothing wrong with having both versions!!

Another expensive purchase would be our Mari and Asuka zippo lighters from the Evangelion Store. They were just to cool to pass on. I also got myself some Asuka hair clips and Bloodfrost picked himself up an awesome Nerv bento box. We picked up a Nerv coffee cup for our caffeine addicted friend who was taking care of our cats while we were gone. We also grabbed some Eva trading figures because why the hell not?!

We were really hoping to find some awesome iPhone 4 anime cases but there wasn’t really any that we saw that really interested us. Though we did buy these Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha screen covers. Not sure how well they will do since they don’t cover the full face of the iPhone just the display screen. We’ll just have to see how they do. Unfortunately they were about $15 each, we didn’t realize they were only partial screen protectors when we got them…

Our friend Brent introduced us to Weiss Schwarz a trading card game that you build decks from sets of cards from different animes. We of course had to pick some up! Cannot go wrong with trading cards! To bad we’ll have to pull out some translations for the cards before we can play…. We grabbed cards from Fairy Tail, Shakugan no Shana, Guilty Crown, Little Busters, and Bakemonogatari. Of course we bought card boxes to hold our new cards.

One thing in Japan that was just a black hole for our 100 yen coins were all the pod machines!!! Gawd were they terrible!! This wasn’t even all of them. I threw away some of the pods, gave a bunch to Brent, and we had some in a bag that I forgot about before I snapped this shot too…. we got lots of One Piece ones, Fairy Tails, some Guilty Crown …I lost Inori in Japan :'( .., some from Boku wa Tomodachi Sukunai, and a couple others…. so many… haha… we did get a full One Piece Set!!!

We’ll take a break from all the nerdy stuff and I’ll pretend we are normal adults for a moment. Bloodfrost picked up a bottle of Japanese Whiskey called Hibiki along with a bottle of Grande Absenthe. We also brought back some Japanese snacks as well. Those Crispy’s are amazing!! I wish I could buy them here!!!!

From the Osaka aquarium I grabbed some “Cube Friends” for two of my friends. Really random, but cute.

Of course we did pick up some manga and doujinshi. It is pretty much expected of an Otaku to get some when you go to Japan.

Now before I get on to the figures I do have to show you guys these sponges we got. Now I assure you that this is really even more random then it sounds. We got some sponges… they were free… because we bought some donuts from Mister Donut with our friend Scott’s point card… and they gave them to us because he had to renew his card…. yep… gotta love Japan!!

Now last but not least we got figures, and a good amount! Our first one that everyone who followed us on our trip would recall would be Shoujo S from Native! She is a 1/7th scale figure.

We also managed to pick up Melissa Seraphy from Good Smile, this being another one on our wish list, made us very happy to get a hold of. She is just way to adorable with her Pumpkin skirt.

Another one that was on our wishlist was the Queen’s Gate version of Moetan’s Pastel Ink. We were hoping for the blue version but we were not going to complain when we found the pink! She is so adorable with her button staff. Clayz did this 1/8 scale figure. The best part of this figure was that, according our Myfigurecollection, it is the 200th figure we added to our collection.

We got our hands on a figure that we had previously ordered online but the company we purchased it from was unable to give her to us since the one they had to give us… it apparently was missing it’s head!!! It left Bloodfrost pretty heart broken since Yuki was his favorite Saki character. He is ecstatic to finally have her in our collection. This is Alter’s 1/8 scale version of her.

Surprising enough we even picked up some Beach Queens! For their price surpassed their boring bases! We picked up two cuties, Kuroneko from My Little Sister Cannot Be This Cute, along with Astarotte from Astarotte no Omocha. These of course are 1/10th scale figures from Wave.

The last scaled figure that we added to our collection was Moriya Suwako from Touhou Project, this one is made by Ques Q.

This next one may surprise you. As most of you know Bloodfrost has a hatred for figmas. But we are glad to show you guys the first, and probably only, figma to join our collection. And that is White Rock Shooter. This figure was not only stunning, it was just simply to awesome for us to pass it up. Brent was distraught that we grabbed this figure up before him… though lucky for him while he was debating what other figma to grab the clerk came out with another White Rock Shooter. Which of course he grabbed before the clerk could even put it back in the display. I would like to mention that since they were used figures they did not come with the PSP game.

I also managed to convince Bloodfrost to let me bring home 8 new nendoroids!! Yay!!! We got Kyon from the Disapperance of Haruhi Suzumiya, the original Yuki Nagato from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Konata and Kagami from Lucky Star cosplaying as Saber and Rin from Fate/Stay Night, both Sena and Yozora from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Gumako the Good Smile Company Mascot, and last but not least our favorite nendoroid, the ever so cute Cheerful Japan edition Black Rock Shooter!!

That is all for our Japan loot. We are very happy to be able to get our hands on all of these figures. You can cry from jealously or laugh at our lack of money, whichever you prefer. But before you go I shall leave you with this terrible picture. I lent my camera out to a friend, then realized how terrible of a picture this really was. haha this is why I need to use a tripod… and remember to put things at the proper setting before I take pictures… and maybe I should check my photos before I lend out cameras… 😛 You will get proper reviews and pictures of all these figures at some point anyways so please forgive me.



6 thoughts on “Loot from Japan

  1. Oh nos! You can’t steal anything haha! 😛
    But if you,Holo, and the others ever feel like visiting the beautiful Canadian Rockies you can let us know!! Holo might feel a little at home in the snow covered Rockies! haha

  2. All I can say is “wow”. I can’t believe that you actually fit all of that in your luggage, you even managed to bring a PS3 home. I’ve always wanted to get one of those anime zippo lighters, but they’re far too expensive for me.

  3. Think of it as the most important Tetris game you every played! I had to make them fit!! haha We had four suitcases… it was still very tight. We were worried we would have to leave the PS3 box behind. We used all of our clothes for stuffing to keep the figures safe! And yes… the zippos are pricy… but so cool!! haha

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