Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 10

Well today turned out to be a lot more interesting than I thought it would be!  I sort of forgot that we were going to meet up with Scott from Flutterscape today and when Dani reminded me in the morning I was definitely more excited than before.  The morning was typical for us, however we did sleep in hella late again, probably till about 11ish, come to think of it, we did that again today but I’m starting to get super sick so that’s why.  So we woke up with a goal today, off to Akihabara in search of more rare figurines that cost 300+ dollars for super cheap! Off we go!

We arrived in Akihabara in splendid fashion as per usual; we are pretty super cool as I’m sure all of you know.  Random snaps of buildings and anime and such.  Akiba is honestly what I expected all of Japan to be, anime and cuteness everywhere.

I did say we had the sole goal of going to find rare figurines that were missing from our collection but I lied, we needed food.  Something we tried to do before but were thwarted by hours of operation!! Curse you hours of operation!!!  Nonetheless we came prepared today with “Better Timing”!!! and it was super effective!  We made it to the Good Smile Café and I was not disappointed, pics as follows.

The meal was great and that blue drink was freaking amazing, it had a blue creamsicle in it that was without a doubt the best tasting creamsicle I have had in my life and I’ve had my fair share.

As I am sure most of you will notice the Good Smile Café was Hatsune Miku and the Shining Stars (Vocaloid) themed this time.  I was a little disappointed because neither of us are really huge fans of Miku and her entourage but at the same time, some of those nendoroids were so goddamn cute it was hard to be truly disappointed.

There is signs in Japan that show you to be careful of people looking up your skirt with cameras, I have seen some obvious ones but I am guessing this is one as well, maybe someone who can speak Japanese can tell us but for now, that’s what it is for me.

After we found a few figurines we wanted YAY!!!!! It was finally time to go meet up with Scott.  Turns out Scott was super cool, he took us to a restaurant that was freaking crazy.  We had to take our shoes off, you can see the place where u put them and you actually order from that crazy little computer screen.

The restaurant was not your typical place, you would order many small things and just share the plates.  We ordered a lot of tentacles so I didn’t really eat all that much but they did have some normal food as well.  Just like…..straight chicken and stuff…  We did not really take any pictures of the food because I personally would choose to never see them again!   We hung out for a bit and just talked shit about how it was for Japan, honestly some of the questions we had for him were super stupid but you always need to know.  I think we made him reminisce a bit about North America again when we started talking about how refills don’t exist in Japan haha.  It was a really REALLY good time; it was super nice to meet up with Scott.  He had been in Japan for 6 years and in Tokyo for 1 year now, some of the stuff he told us about Japan was really cool.

Scott had to go back to work for a bit so we decided that around 10 we should probably call it a night, also there was a few chicks sitting next to us that I think decided to take up the hobby of chain smoking so I didn’t really wanna hang around any longer then we had to.  Honestly that is probably why I am sick now, I’ll probably get bronchitis again -_- <sigh>.  Beyond that though, we had a freaking GREAT day! I hope today is just as good, well I know it will not be, mostly cause Scott wont be there, but more so because I am sick now.  Anyways! YAY JAPAN!  Oh Dani just reminded me that on the way back I wanted to point out how low some of the ceilings are in the subway tunnels.  This just gives you a bit of an idea of how claustrophobic it can get in here.  Keep in mind I am 6 foot 1 inch tall.  Keep in mind, these signs are literally attached to the ceiling with no space between them just like… nailed right on.

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2 thoughts on “Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 10

  1. Yes mom 2 is so happy to see that smiling face… funny when someone is so far away you really miss the face… nice… i will be you up on the screen saver tommorrow.. .Sounds like you are getting a little bored ???

  2. Hi chilins, Colin sorry you aren’t, weren’t feeling well. Glad to here you met up with Scott, sounds like you got some good info. Good pics of you, ahh were those my daughters arms by the menu? Maybe for me a face shot might be nice. I mega Love you two, have fun and stay safe.

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