Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 11

Well I still do not have bronchitis yet and my throat is not as sore today as it used to be so I think I might have beaten this thing, only time shall tell.  Anyways, average morning for us, we slept in because I wanted to see if I could kick this cold, we did not have to leave for our first stop for a while anyways, it was one of those “show up between 12 and 5” things.  First stop of the day? Studio Ghibli.  It was pretty far from where we were but nothing that we have not done before, about 30 min on some trains and we were out at the station we needed to be at.  The question was, there is a bus we are supposed to take to get there.  We managed to find a ticket booth for the bus and we were PRETTY sure we had to stand here and wait for it, the only question left was, what bus we took….. We didn’t have to wait long…

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside the place, which we knew before we went there from the person we met travelling from New Zealand.  So we really do not have a lot of stuff to show for today.  The museum itself was pretty cool I suppose, I am not sure if I would of paid to go see it but we got the tickets free when we signed up for our bullet train passes back before we went to Japan.  It was filled with old school animation which I am actually a fan of.  We got to see a 10 min short film that apparently is only known to people who have gone there.  It was pretty darn good.  I was in a sour mood about not being able to snap any pictures and also being sick and all so I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have.

After we got back we figured we should get something to eat since it had been a long time since we ate… kind of skipped breakfast…  We went to a burger joint I mentioned before in an earlier post except this time we came armed with pictures!  As usual the burgers were amazing.

The one funny thing is, I ordered a Hoegaarden for a beer and they gave me my beer in a Guinness glass and our two waters in Hoegaarden glasses…. Not….really….sure… what they were doing there…

I’ll make the rest of this post easy, we totally forgot the camera at the hotel room after this.  We went to Akihabara and found a new figurine and bought a few other ones as well, also bought some trading cards.  After that we came back to the hotel room and played video games for the rest of the night.  That might make it sound like we played video games for a long time… but no trip into Akihabara is short for us =p.  Anyways, we will try not to forget our camera today, especially since we are going to go see the Giant Gundam!

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  1. Hi you two, glad to hear you’re hopefully beating the bug Colin. Those hamburgers looked good. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of Giant Gundam, it sounds interesting. Have fun,and be safe. love you guys

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