Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 12

Day 12 is here; wow it’s already been this long? It does not really feel like it to me for some reason.  Only 2 more days till we leave to come back.  Well today is a day I have been looking forward to, we get to go see the giant Gundam.  Originally I was under the impression that it was not going to be ready, or whatever they were doing with it.  I thought this was weird because I could have sworn they had it built already some time ago.  Regardless we had to be there by 12 and we know all too well that it can take us some time to actually get around to places we have never been to so we left as soon as we did the post.

Typical train rides to the station we needed to be at to transfer to another train which we assumed was the JR line.  Turns out, not so much…  We wandered around for a bit and the only thing that bailed us out was the fact that Dani had wrote down some random name of some random thing that turned out to be an entire new train line in a different section.  Pretty cool train system there it was all above ground like the JR train lines but different.  The scenery while on the train was pretty stunning.

The area the Gundam is around is Diver city, didn’t really think much about it but it turns out it’s a pretty wicked awesome place.  Look! It has the building with the ball inside it! I have seen giant monsters destroy it hundreds of times!

We got off at our stop Daiba and we were instantly lost.  We had a good idea of where we needed to go however and there were some maps of the area.  Older maps and they did not have the Gundam on it…. But let’s be honest here people, is it really REALLY going to be that hard to find a giant Gundam?  Turns out it wasn’t, we had to walk down this super wide and long and cool bridge and it was just tucked in behind a building.  Well I suppose not behind more of in front.  Turns out this thing we bought tickets to wasn’t to see the giant Gundam, that’s free, you just walk right up to it.  We bought tickets to “Gundam Front” which is a museum of sorts for all things Gundam.  Of course we cannot take pictures of the art but UNLIKE SOME PLACES *cough* Ghibli *cough* they give you more than enough things to take pictures of.

We snapped a lot of pictures of everything in the area.  We actually went into this place that was a dome on the ceiling and they projected a 360 degree viewing of a sort of… show with Gundam in it.  It was pretty wicked cool, had a mock space battle with Gundams and such, it was pretty disorienting.  Not allowed to take pictures, it was pretty cool to know that we were part of the second group EVER to go into that dome.  The whole attraction did not open until 11 that day and we had tickets for 12.  Once you got out of the dome, they had a bunch of other stuff to look at that was picture friendly.

Afterwards we were hungry, we were going to go to the Gundam café but it was suuuuper crowded.  The mall however had a huge food court and was no less crowded.  However it did seem less cramped them the café, so Dani and I went our separate ways to get some food.  Random snaps of how busy it was in there, this was the food court.  Also her food.

After that we made plans with Brent to meet up at the Good Smile Café again at 3pm so we had to book it over to Akihabara again.  We got there with plenty of time to spare and sat down and I got another one of those blue drinks because they are awesome.  We took Brent to Mandarake to see if there were any figurines he wanted, he definitely saw a few and then we went down to Shibuya to find the Mandarake there in hopes they would have some figurines we wanted.  Sadly that was not the case, they had 1 figurine I wanted but its price was the same as online.  However since it was small and shipping costs an arm and a leg, I snagged it up anyways.

Afterwards we went to a “Victorian style pub” over by our hotel and snagged some drinks and food.  It was pretty decent; I had a chicken pizza with teriyaki and mayo with corn on it …. Yeah… Dani and Brent had fish and chips haha.  After that we looked for a booze store I had seen in the area.  We wandered around for about 15 min till we walked into a 7-11 and asked a lady there, she ran away from us to find someone who spoke English and the guy came up to us and was like “good evening how can I help you”… my jaw almost dropped.  The guy spoke awesome English haha, it was just so rare to see.  Turns out we were close but we did walk past it.  We doubled back to it and snagged a few bottles of some stuff and went back to the hotel.  Brent left on the way back to the hotel and we said we would meet up this morning.  He actually just got here now. Good timing because I need to finish this up.  We got our One Piece exhibit today to go to at 12.

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3 thoughts on “Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 12

  1. God they are huge…they remind me of the trans formers you had when you where little…I am sure this has put you in a good mood… You do look at little pee owe in the picture maybe the sun is shining in your eyes… sounds all good… see you soon…

  2. Holy crap so that Gundam looks like if it was true to size of a real life one lol. Wicked. Not my cup of tea though…I think I only ever watched Gundam Wing…don’t think any other anime I watched was considered mecha or Gundam.

  3. What’s with the Hawaiin shirt ? I would expect you to have bought a shirt with an anime character on it or a transformer or something.

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