Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 13

Day 13, for once I am writing this before bed, we have a busy day tomorrow; we are going to try to go to Tokyo Tower and then meet back up with Scott.  Today however, it was an interesting day.  We finally got to go to the One Piece art exhibit.  It was…. Pretty goddamn awesome.  Sadly as was expected, pictures were no allowed.

Official Site One Piece exhibit site

Shonen Jump site with some pictures of the exhibit

It was pretty cool, they had like … 3? I think full videos of stuff.  Kind of like the Gundam had that dome with the 360 degree view of the fights, it did 3 videos on walls similar to that.  Not 360 degree views but still just as interesting. They also had a full set of 1/1 scale figures of the entire crew, which we would have loved to taken pictures of! There was a lot of original art, MOST of the exhibit was aimed around the battle at Marineford, I will keep this review spoiler free for anyone that is still watching the series and has not yet seen this portion… Needless to say, most of the exhibit was around the time skip and the events at Marineford.

We did meet up with Brent for this, he was not aware there was this exhibit going on until the day before when we told him we were going to the Gundam exhibit.  Turns out at the Gundam Exhibit you could purchase tickets on site, so we told him he should chance it and just come with us and see if he could purchase on location like the Gundam exhibit.  Turns out the gamble paid off, which was awesome.  Some of the art around the Roppongi area was super cool, so we snapped some shots of it.

Random Asahi Dry Black billboard just to solidify the fact I am a total consumer whore!

After the exhibit we decided to go back to Akihabara, DUH hahaha, not like we can stay away from there for more than 12 hours at a time.  This time however Brent brought up the fact that none of us have been to an actual maid café.  These things are NUMOROUS around Akiba and even all of Tokyo.  I cannot tell you how many we have seen.  So we decided we would go into the first one we saw.  My god was I glad we finally did this.  It was freaking crazy in there, again not surprising you are not allowed to snap pictures of the maids but that did not apply to the food!!!

The bill was pretty crazy, for just the 3 of us the total came to 11,300 yen, so about 140-150 bucks depending on the day.  However, as you can see from the food, it was pretty damn worth it.  Brent and Dani got a picture with a maid, I however am not the photogenic type so I passed.

We really did not snap all that many pictures for the day mostly because it’s getting old snapping shots from Akiba.  I’m sure a lot of people were expecting us to be going to shrines and all that other stuff, mountains, trails all that stuff.  However, Dani and I talked about this at length before we went; we are not super interested in that stuff.  As per our website, our biggest goal was to enter and embrace the anime portion of Japan and I think we managed to do this inside every city we visited.  Tomorrow will be our last post as we leave Japan Sunday at 4pm their time, only to arrive back in Calgary Alberta at I believe 12:30 pm the same day!  We will of course follow up with the booty…and WHAT a booty of goods it is, I’m totally excited to share it all with you.  Needless to say, we brought 2 LARGE empty suitcases and today we had a bit of a struggle to actually fit everything in.

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  1. Hi you two didn’t do the shrine, trails etc well no duh.I would have been suprised if you did. Well you had fun and bought tons of stuff oh well it’s just money. Can’t wait to talk to you both. Love you have a good flight home.

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