Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 14

Technically this is not the last day but I don’t plan on writing about how we woke up and packed and went to an airport… Also, sorry this was done so freaking late! When we got back to Calgary we were just freaking wiped.  Today for the last day we actually did do a few things, we were planning on just relaxing and playing some PS3 and maybe Akiba one more time but Brent brought up we had not gone to Tokyo tower yet so we arranged for him to meet us at the hotel in the morning and we would do that.  Also Scott was going to meet up with us one last time in Akiba! Here is some random shots of us heading towards there.

The entrance way to the place was a little odd but I snapped a nice pic of Dani turning around as if to say “where the fuck did Colin go?” She looks so pretty here =p.

One thing I learned about Japan, they are always on “special alert” maybe its because they knew we were coming! O_O;;

Anyways, we only went to the main observatory because if we went to the very top it was a 50 min wait, also I am deathly afraid of heights so FUCK THAT we were not going to the top.  I must admit however, the view across the city from the tower was pretty damn breathtaking, the pictures do not do it justice.

They had these places where you could see through the floor via a window, it really was a trip, I personally felt like I was standing over a ledge and could BARELY bring myself to even try to snap shots of them.  It was pretty damn apparent that I was hesitant to even go close to them, Dani said a Japanese native was watching me try to snap pics and was snickering and motioning for Dani to shove me while I was hovering over the window -_-… not impressed haha.  The shots did not turn out too well but ah well.

There was a giant pikachu as we left that Dani wanted to go hug, I approved of this turn of events… until I noticed it was created by the dreaded Banpresto company!!! * Hiss * I am shocked they were able to have it so smooth without HORRIBLE defects and terrible molding lines, freaking Banpresto, hate their figurines…

Random building with like…. grass and leaves growing off the side of it… some nice lady waved to us from the window =D

Few other weird things, Brent pointed out the cute toothache poster and Dani pointed out the policeman in the box! Lol…

Oh right, I forgot about that, we went to the Evangelion store and bought some 100 dollar zippos.  The store itself was pretty damn cool.  I did not take many pics of it because 99.9% of the time that’s a good way to get yelled at in Japan, so instead I give you… DUCKY DUCK!!!…. Yeah umm… yeah… whatever…

Oh I guess I got this one shot of the mirrors at the Eva store….

After all this we went back to Akiba to meet up with Scott in front of the Gundam cafe.  We were not late thank god, well we were by like 2 min <I personally hate being late for anything>.  We went back to that maid cafe but since you were allowed to smoke inside it, I actually had to leave about ¾ of the way through the meal.  This place just had ZERO airflow at all, it was stifling.  We rolled around Akiba just talking about random stuff when Dani started shooting pics of random anime cars, they were pretty cool.  We went to K-books which is the best place in the world… mostly due to the fact that the Goodsmile Cafe is inside there ;).

Afterwards we went to a doughnut shop and just sat down and chilled out, chatted about back home with everyone and other random stuff.  Scott told us about his experience with the huge Japanese earthquake which was pretty chilling to be honest.  After that, the doughnut shop was going to close so it was time to say goodbye.  I can honestly say, I am not used to saying goodbye to people forever like that.  It was not until after we said our goodbyes that I honestly felt a little choked up about never seeing these 2 guys again.  Of course we said that if they ever came to Calgary we have a bed for them to sleep in and all that stuff but that’s all formalities, that sort of stuff doesn’t happen often.

That was Japan for us.  I can say we had a great time, meeting Brent and Scott there just took a good thing and made it even better for us.  We experienced a lot of random stuff there, things that I am sure will be in my memories for a long long time.  If we can ever make our way back to Japan again in the future, we will more then likely use that time to explore the more traditional side of the country but for now, Dani and I can say that we did exactly what we wanted to do we have zero regrets.  Japan was good to us and as far as Canadian Customs will know, we purchased all of our figurines from a toys r us and they only cost us about 140$ total…. yes…. 140 dollars… … ….

As always, thank you for taking the time to explore our trip to Japan, hopefully you all enjoyed seeing the sights that we saw and hopefully you yourselves will find your way to Japan sometime.  If we ever make our way there again, I am sure we will blog it… but for now, Nyaa Figurines will be going back to its normal routine of reviewing our figurines every Friday as per normal!

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