Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 5

Today, as in Day 6, we woke up to the sound of a giant bee trying to get into the hotel room… and I shit you not, it was huge; from the sounds it made I’m guessing it was roughly the size of a dodge ball.  As I type this I am still not fully convinced that Japan has not been overrun by giant bee’s… Personally I for one welcome our new overlords…

Regardless, talking about yesterday for us, it was a pretty normal morning, because we are awesome and super executive … things… with this hotel <clearly they realized our website is awesome>.  We get free booze and breakfast…. Not really in that order.  So we went to the buffet.  It was pretty good, didn’t take any pictures because it was really crowded and we didn’t want to be rude.

After that we went to the subway station to head into downtown Kyoto, Dani wanted to go see the international Manga museum.  Honestly I was interested as well, but for some reason I could not figure out the damn infernal subway machine.  So we walked back to the hotel and took a cab.  We didn’t really know where the fuck we were going anyways.  Cab was cheap, cost us 1200 yen.  We arrived but we did have to wait another 10 min till the place opened.

The Manga place was pretty cool, it had soooo much manga and some of the displays were really cool they showed how much money mangaka’s make and such forth.  It really isn’t all that much. Dani even had to meticulously fix some Fruits Basket manga volumes that were out of order.

We paid the extra 2$ so we got to go see the extra exhibit that had a crap ton of original artwork from a bunch of artists.  Sadly we were not allowed to take pictures of these artworks but they did sell a book that contained them all, which we did purchase.

Going outside after spending about 1 hour in there, we saw they had a café connected to it and since we have not done that yet, we figured we might as well get our feet wet in one.  This one had a vending type machine that you had to purchase tickets from for whatever meal u wanted.  After trying and failing, the server <dressed in a maid outfit> came over and showed us how.  We ordered 2 hot dogs and 2 orange juices.  There was something that we will dub #18 that I wanted Dani to get but she refused =(.

As we sat down to enjoy our hotdogs however, another customer came in and Dani elbowed me anxiously whispering “omg he ordered number 18”.  The customer came down and sat next to us; turns out he was a traveler from New Zealand.  We chatted him up, it was nice to talk to someone who spoke English again =p.  Finally his #18 showed up and he was nice enough to let us take a picture of it.  Afterwards he showed us a few places we should go to and we talked about some of the things we did and some of the things he did and it was time to go on our way.  Sadly we did not exchange names but we did give him this website to check out! So if he’s reading this it was really nice talking with you!

After saying goodbye, Dani decided that she did not have enough cloths, I personally didn’t see this was a problem until she reminded me that I would not be the only one seeing her.  With that we were off to a department store!

We had no idea where we were going in Kyoto but we knew one train station was close to the shopping arcade we wanted to go to.  So we popped down into a subway and took a train 1 station.  Once we left that station we noticed all the train stops had a compass on the ground, so that made it easier.

So we managed to make it there in 1 piece, it was actually a really cool area.  It was like… hard to explain… So I’ll let the 2 pictures we have of it explain, needless to say this is what it looked like and there was probably…. 8 or so? Roadways like that.

Lots of cool things there but the best of them all was the fact that we found a CAT CAFÉ!!!! Just walking around normally we found one! Of course we had to go in and see the kitties!  We only spent a half hour in there because we were kind of sore.

A few other things that were interesting in the shopping arcade, there was more of those UFO games, or crane games, whatever you want to call them.

Also a shrine right smack dab in the middle, this is kind of officially the first shrine we have been to as the other one was “closed” since apparently they do not open at like 6am.  According to the sheet one of the ladies gave us, it had burned down 10x before. Dani assures me that Japanese shrines have a love hate relationship with fire… IE they burn down A LOT and get rebuilt.

We passed this place early in our travels in downtown Kyoto, of course I tried to go into it but at the time there was a 20 min wait. I insisted that we make our way back there so I can enter. This was some sort of Asahi themed bar.  We got in on our 2nd attempt.  They had large ummm… brewing vats? I guess?  But the main call to me was the fact that they had this super cold Asahi on draft.  Since we came to Japan I have had Asahi on draft a few times and I can honestly say, it is my #1 favourite draft beer for a hot day.  There is many many many other beers I would prefer but on a nice warm day? Its hard to beat Asahi.  We had a quick lunch in there to legitimize the fact I only went in there for beer.  When I ordered my ice cold beer, I watched the server pour it, they literally do take an electronic thermometer and check the temp of the beer as its coming out, my beer was served at -1.4 C.

Back to the hotel now, it was pretty close to dinner time, so we went into the hotel room to unwind and get ready for dinner.  We had been waking up pretty damn early all week so we didn’t stay up super late, we went and got some free booze and snapped some shots from the balcony of the hotel, really quite breathtaking.

After that we went and got dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, I got some steak over a bed of rice which they ruined by putting a shit ton of mushrooms on it.  After methodically picking off every single mushroom and putting it into Dani’s soup for her, I realized that it was in fact a very good dish =p.

Other than that, we went back to the hotel room and watched crazy Japanese TV until we fell asleep…that’s when the killer Bee woke us up… this might be the last time I ever write on our website… I assume everyone I have ever known and loved is dead, all fallen victim to the onslaught of the now killer space bees…. My only hope is that another sentient life form may find this post and heed my warnings… Flowers may look pretty but they bring with them an entirely new type of danger…

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  1. Those bees you mentioned might be Japanese Giant Hornets. They’re the most dangerous animal in Japan and their poison dissolves flesh. Fun times.

    But seriously, a cat café? That’s the most awesome idea ever, haha. Too bad I’d never go into one since I’m allergic to cats, but hey, maybe there’s dog cafés around too.

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