Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 6

Well its morning again, turns out the world wasn’t taken over by killer bees so that’s good.  Yesterday was our last day in Kyoto so we had to wake up and go check out of our hotel semi early.  Had breakfast and all that jazz and said goodbye to our traditional Japanese hotel to leave for Osaka in favor of our normal modern hotel.

The ride was pretty typical of what we expected from trains in Japan so far.  We got there knew almost exactly what we were doing and just waited for our train.  Took maybe 15 min to get to Osaka, much faster than we anticipated.

We got off the Shinkansen and then we got super confused.  We were trying to get access to the subway so that we could get to our station where our hotel was… but the place that showed access for subway required a ticket… which would obviously have to be for the subway.  We figured that would be wrong so we wandered around in the station for 10 min or so and finally said “screw it” and left out one of the exits…. Into the shadiest place I have been in Japan ever.  We pretty much thought we were going to get stabbed. 2 tourists rolling around with our bags, the pictures don’t really do it justice but the fact that there was graffiti and garbage all over the place was shocking to me.  This was the first time I think I had ever seen garbage on the ground in Japan. We flagged down a taxi to take us to our Hotel.

We got to our hotel early, at about 12ish and they said check in time was not until 2pm so we were left to our own devices.  We wandered around the area looking for random stuff to do.  We did not have access to internet so we could not really find anything in particular other than stores and such.  We did however go into a large department store inside Osaka station where Dani purchased a new swimsuit for 200$…. freaking Japan…

It came close enough to 2 that we went back to the hotel, grabbed a beer and Dani a tea and then checked in.  This is probably the nicest hotel I have ever been in.  The bed is super soft with awesome pillows, buttons everywhere to do everything, really nice desk setup for our PC and such, just really nice.

So as per usual we hung around the hotel letting our legs rest for a bit, then Dani said she wanted sushi for dinner.  We looked up the restaurant in the hotel and it was apparently given rave reviews yet at the same time we were told it was expensive…. 100$ later we had dinner.  Honestly it’s not surprising that I say it was the best sushi I have ever had.  They had a twist on everything, my California rolls came surrounded by Ro, my spicy tuna rolls were surrounded by thin daikon radish and my dragon rolls had avocado around them.

After dinner we wanted to go get dessert, from one of those Japanese places that has awesome cakes and parfaits and stuff.  We saw one in the Osaka station and I said we should go back there.  One the way there we saw this hella cool water fountain…thingy…. flowers and the time would fall down….

Then the dessert, which was also amazing.  I had seen these in anime so often but had yet to experience one myself; it was good to finally check that off the list.  Consequently I’m going to have a few more of them while I’m in Japan.

Today, as in … in 1 min, is the Tera character pre-creation release.  So me and Dani got the new patch downloaded, thank you Japanese internet, I can’t say I have ever downloaded something at 6+ Megs a second before.

Well that’s all we did that day, today I think we are going to go to the aquarium.  There is a surprising amount of areas the Japanese don’t want you to take pictures of… hopefully we can there.

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  1. Hi gaki I’m so glad your having a good time. Can you bring me dessert, and watch those scary.exits. Love you guys be safe

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