Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 7

Holy crap we slept in a lot today.  The bed here at the Hilton is so big and soft and warm and amazing that we actually stayed in bed semi-sleeping for 13 hours.  Well if we still had any jet lag left we sure as hell didn’t have that problem after that.  I suppose it wasn’t really that we slept in; it was more that we went to bed at 8pm the night before and got out of bed closer to 11 the next day.  REGARDLESS! Great sleep!  Today we planned to go to the Osaka aquarium, I personally was not super stoked for this because it’s not really my thing but I had a great time.

The train ride there was pretty easy going and there were few interesting things in the area as well.  Apparently there is some sort of amusement park next to it?  We would have gone there but that’s REALLY not my thing at all.

It was 20$ to get into the aquarium which was a decent price I suppose for what is in there.  I do have to admit, once we were inside, it was pretty damn breathtaking for some random aquarium.  I made a point to take pictures of almost every single exhibit or whatever you want to call it.  The way the aquarium is built has it so that there are main tanks everywhere and you basically work yourself downward in a corkscrew pattern around the tanks, slowly going lower and lower.  Basically you are guaranteed to see everything and have a damn good view the entire time.

My favorite part was probably when we saw the manta ray with the super lazy fish on its back just chilling out.  It was there the whole time, freaking hilarious.

There were cute little signs everywhere too, which I have discovered is the norm in most places in Japan.  I’m sure you have seen random ones as well in our posts.  God I love that kind of thing, just makes the places seem happier.

The aquarium took the brunt of the afternoon but there was a book store we wanted to try to hit up in the “electronic section” of Osaka.  It’s sort of like a mini Akihabara but in Osaka, or so I am told.  Regardless, we tried to go off of a shitty little map I drew and we got super freaking lost so we went back to the hotel to try to clarify where this place is.  Turns out it was super close to our hotel and we could walk there in about 12 min.

The place was similar to that Bashi place we were in inside Kyoto, where it’s just a set of streets with a roof over them, a shopping arcade.  Very cool stuff by the way.  We were pretty excited to get in there; the store I had heard about was supposed to be a great place to pick up anime related things.  I can say that on our way there, there was a HELL of a lot of Pachinko machine parlors.  I saw a fair amount of them in every city we have been to but I don’t think I have ever seen so many in the same place at once.  I am definitely going to go and use one at least once while we are in Japan, I think I’m going to do it tomorrow<today>.  However I highly doubt that I will be allowed to take pictures inside, as they are the equivalent to Casino’s.

Walking down the shopping arcade we saw a few cool things, lots of places to eat, lots of Japanese people standing in the street with their menu’s trying to get you to go into their restaurant <this is the norm everywhere>.  Nothing really caught our eye that much, although I do believe we are going to go back again tomorrow <today>.

Finally we found our store, Mandarake.  We went inside and it instantly reminded me of some of the stores that we found in Akihabara.  This does not surprise me, Mandarake is apparently a chain of stores and there IS one inside of Akihabara.  The main floor was filled with mostly comics and such but there was a relatively large section of figurines.  AND GUESS WHAT!  Hahaha, most people would not care but about 9 months maybe even a year ago, we saw a figurine we wanted and in order to buy it, we had to buy it from some dick on Ebay for about 400 USD.  We both wanted this figurine badly enough that we did honestly consider his price; we had sent him a message asking him to lower it because his price was Ludacris.  Anyways, he didn’t hence why he’s a dick and we both told ourselves “maybe when we go to Japan we will find it”.  This had me rolling my eyes so hard I thought they would fall out.  Why the hell would we find a random figurine that was probably released 3-4 years ago in Japan…. Well guess what; here it is, for 96 bucks…. IN YOUR FACE RANDOM EBAY GUY.

We had zero intentions of buying any figurines as we just do not have the space for them in our bags, at least until we made our final stop in Tokyo for 5 days or whatever.  We currently have 4 bags but 2 of those bags are inside the other 2 for ease of carrying, once we get to Tokyo we don’t care if we carry 4 bags because the only place we will carry that, is back to the airport.  Anyways! SUPER EXCITED!  Sorry Moms and Dads but it’s a nudie figurine ;).

After our foray into mini Akihabara and our awesome catch we went back to the hotel mainly so we could take care of the figurine properly.  Dani had read about a place called Café Absinthe in town and heard it has some good food and such.  This intrigued me because I have always wanted to try absinthe.  So we doubled checked where it was and we were on our way.

VIDERO!!!!….sorry that was random…

Took us a bit to find the place because it was kind of tucked around a corner but we found it.  The art on the walls was freaking crazy awesome; this was the kind of place that Derek would love.  If this place existed in Calgary he would probably go there every damn day and I would probably follow just for the food.  I didn’t snap any shots of it but it also has Shisha.  Anyways, I ordered a pizza, nothing fancy because I’m not the kind of guy that likes to experiment, especially with my pizza but it was fucking amazing…. Full on.  I think the lady thought we were ordering it for an appetizer because it came before Dani’s food but that didn’t matter because it was so damn good, I ordered another one when Dani’s food came.  We also ordered some odd absinthe cocktail, it was… pretty damn powerful, it was the first time I have had it.

Well that was it for Day 7, definitely one of my more favorite days; I’d have to say that was mostly because of the figurine; however the rest of the things we did were definitely great!  I’m not sure about Dani but I am starting to miss home a little bit, I want to pet my kitties =( and go to a restaurant that’s normal like Earls or The Keg or something! Hahaha.  See you everyone.

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4 thoughts on “Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 7

  1. I’m very glad that you had a great day. And you got a figurine and she was a nude hum I didn’t notice. Take care,be safe. Bless you gaki. Aikou temae.

  2. Y’know I was looking at that lazy fish on the ray…and it looks hella familiar…like a bad guy from a cartoon I’ve seen or King Koopa

  3. The photo’s are great.. I never would have figured the zoo to be so great.. Sounds like Colin you are enjoying the food ?? I noticed your language you have only used the f–k word twice … better.. take care love ya

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