Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 8

Well we did not do a hell of a lot today, so I am going to keep it a little short and sweet.  We need to check out of our hotel in Osaka in less than 2 hours here and head back to Tokyo, which I am super excited about.  I have come to the conclusion that the biggest and most exciting thing for me in Japan is Akihabara.  So I’m pretty sure we will be spending MOST of our time there.  We still have the One Piece exhibit to look forward to, as well as the giant Gundam and the Studio Ghibli exhibit.

I’m going to speak about a few random thoughts I have had while being in Japan.  First thing, the transit here is amazing.  Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, I am used to the transit there, I always thought it was “fine” until maybe 5-6 years ago I realized that it was very much so overcrowded.  Now here in Japan, I believe the longest we have EVER waited for a train, excluding the bullet train, was approximately 3 min.  We don’t just take trains at rush hour either, we take them at random times of the day.  MOST of the time a train pulls up within 30 seconds of us standing at the station.  In Calgary, the average wait time for a train not during rush hour is about 15 min and even then, there could be a delay or anything else.  In Japan, if there is a delay <which has happened to use 2x> we knew about it within seconds of going to the station and with the use of the map we just went to another line.  The last awesome thing about trains in Japan? Most of them have roughly 8-10 cars on them.  Calgary? We only have 3.

Coming from a country that no longer uses a 2$ or a 1$ bill you would think this cannot be an issue for me, however, I just cannot seem to use change at all….  I have no bothered to count the amount of change I have accrued in the week and 1 day of being here.  I do normally use the 100yen coins for the subway but over the past time even that has not been helping.

This is a pet peeve of mine.  You would think, in a country that is so overpopulated like Japan, you would have some sort of sensibility while walking down the sidewalk, especially when you allow people to bike on said sidewalks.  However, it seems that everyone here is, for lack of a better term, fucking retarded.  I cannot tell you the amount of times I have been walking on the left side of the sidewalk <drive on the left walk on the left right? There are even signs telling you to do so> that I have met a wall of people walking down that side, to the extent that we have had to fully stop…. Or how many times I have seen random Japanese people walking with their heads fully down not looking where they are going walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk…  It truly is frustrating to dodge these people, a part of me, if I was in Calgary would just walk through them.  Given the fact I am double their size it would be as if they were hit by a car if I just walked through them.  For a country that is so polite and reserved, this just came off as odd to me.

That’s my rant about some random stuff in Japan.  To talk about our day however, we woke up did our post and went over to the outback steakhouse.  This is full on the restaurant u would find over in the states or Canada.  It was pretty cool to be perfectly honest mostly because everyone there actually spoke pretty damn decent English.  Also it was treated the same way as the restaurant would have been back in Calgary.  We both ordered burgers and fries and I had a sprite, it was so strange to be sitting there in what could easily be Calgary but inside Japan….

After that we went back into Osaka’s mini Akihabara because we just cannot keep ourselves away from that kind of stuff.  We bought a One Piece PS3 for about 200-300 dollars less than we would have gotten it for in Canada, what with the conversion and the shipping and all that nonsense.  Went back to the hotel room and …. Umm… maybe we hooked the PS3 up… and maybe we played games for a good portion of the night <_<… Not going to say….

Oh I suppose we did go back to outback for dinner as well haha.  I had a steak and Dani had a pasta dish.  The steak was actually pan fried which made me laugh.  I was not expecting something super high class but it was a pretty damn good meal.  The thing that shocked me was they actually came by the table and asked how the meal was!  That’s one thing that’s NEVER happened to me in Japan.  It really was like a restaurant back home! Hahaha.

Well that’s all I really have time to write about, we need to leave very very soon and we need to double check our path back to the Shinkansen.  Much love to you all, type you all tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 8

  1. You need to start ditching the change ASAP! When you come back the banks will convert any paper money but not any change. I’ve learned this the hard way.. you’ll be stuck with like $100 in useless coins… When you come back i’ll ask Mom and Dad to BBQ you an Alberta steak, i bet you miss those.
    PS – Warren wants some absinthe.

  2. Hi guys glad your having fun. Uber game but that much moola? Have you taken a picture of a really nice scarf as my preasent, {the picture is the gift} And listen too your sister about the change. I aikou gaki

  3. I cannot believe they have steak in Japan. I figured fish and chicken.. The pictures are great… i hope you do not mind I gave Aunt Vickie or website.. .She is super impressed… really enjoying your stories… You should get into writing … hate to nag asap get rid of the coins…
    Any cute Japanese men ??? take care miss you two alot … love mom 2

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