Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 9

Well yesterday was our last day in Osaka.  We really did have a pretty good time in Osaka, it was sort of an in between feel between super traditional Kyoto and super advanced and modern Tokyo.  A nice middle grounds if you will.  If/when we ever get back to Japan, I could see us spending a lot more time in Osaka.  So we decided to sleep in that day since we knew it was a super boring time ahead of us on the train back to Tokyo.  Dani snapped a few random pictures from the window, nothing super special, that Panasonic building was pretty trippy.  It’s crazy that there is more Shinkansen trains then there is Calgary  C-trains….

Arriving in Tokyo since we bought a PS3 and that other figurine, we now had 3 bags; it was and is a total bitch to haul them around like that.  We didn’t even mess around with the subway or anything, we just straight up got off the Shinkansen, left the station, and looked for a cab.  Some people told me cabs are super expensive in Japan but my experience with them is VERY on par with what I pay for cabs in Calgary.  Cost us about 20 bucks to take the cab from Tokyo Station to our hotel The New Otani.

We honestly did not do a hell of a lot today; we didn’t even get back to the hotel till about 5pm due to the long train ride.  However we did find out that we only had this hotel room until Saturday and we leave on Sunday >_<.  So we managed to get another room <sigh> in a different tower but at least in the same hotel.  Too bad I won’t get the same deal I got with this room, so it’s basically full price <approx. 430 bucks>.  Ugh, oh well.

Well as I said in the previous post, we were going to head over to Akihabara when we get back to Tokyo and we will honestly spend MOST of our time there.  However we first had to get something to eat.  There was this burger joint over by a 7-11 that we saw a while ago so we went over there and got a burger each.  Interesting place, definitely American style since they actually ask you how you want your burger cooked.  I don’t think we took any pictures there but we did meet a lady there who yapped at us about some place in the states she was from.  She seemed pretty crazy haha.

After that, we left for Akihabara, honestly though, nothing really new here.  We spent a good 3-4 hours there last time and this time we spent about 4-5.  Dani snapped some random shots of outside but taking pictures inside the stores is not really allowed.  She got some of the hallways and staircases.  The area is super claustrophobic, there are stores that I swear to god I could probably just put my arms out and touch either side of the store.  Most of these stores are built UP…. Did I say most? I meant to say all.  You walk into a store and normally there is 1 basement level and 5-9 floors up.  We always just grab the elevator and start on the highest floor and walk our way down.  However the top floors are normally filled with porn…. So much porn…  We have found a few things that we were eyeing up but we want to make sure we get the best deal so we are still waiting a little bit on some of the more major purchases.

Well, short and sweet with few pictures, I don’t think you are going to see a lot of larger posts anymore, nothing is super new to us here anymore, we have a few cool things we are going to do, and tonight we are going to meet up with Scott someone whom we talked with about coming here.  He is going to take us to some cool places or so he says, so maybe you will see something there.  Either way, I’m still looking forward to the giant Gundam and the One Piece exhibit.

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