*NSFW* Native – Shoujo S – 1/7 PVC Figure

With the unfortunate loss of my husband to the infernos of Diablo 3, I am left to do this weeks’ review. This week will be our newest nudie figure, the beautiful Shoujo S from Native!

Shoujo S is a 1/7th scale PVC figure by made by Native. Like most Native figures she is not from an anime show, manga, or game.  Instead she is based of the above illustration by Naruko Hanaharu. She was released in June of 2010.

Shoujo S was the first figure we got our grubby hands on in Japan. She was one of the figures on our wishlist for quiet a time. So we were more then estatic to get her in our collection. We got her from the Mandarake in Osaka for about $80 Canadian. She is very much a school uniform fetish figure, but I don’t mind that at all haha.

Now I love strawberries to the point that I could eat them till I died. But the strawberries included with this figure are so annoying. Just by looking at this figure, I swear, the bowl of strawberries will just fall over. There is also the problem with the whipped cream tube? The cap for it is not attached, so it is very easy to loose. I have misplaced it a couple times now but luckily I have been able to find it again.

This figure is extremely well made. I am happy to have a Native figure in our collection finally. Even though I have had Princess Moldia on order since… forever! She’s been pushed back every month since December that I managed to go to Japan and buy another Native figure in the time it’s taken for them to release her… maybe this month will be it?!? Anyways, back to Shojou S…

One of my favorite things about this figure are her hair bows they are really adorable. Probably the only bit of this figure though that you can actually classify as “cute”. Oh but I think her butt is really cute too haha! Everything else is definitely sexy….

I don’t really need to go into how sexy this figure is do I? I am sure this figure is ripped right from some otaku’s fantasy dream. Sexy school girl? Check. Perky boobs? Check. Blue and white striped panties? Check. Twin Tails? Check. Yep definitely an otaku fantasy….

One problem I have with this figure is that there is an obvious indent along a seam on her left sleeve. There is also some paint along the white lines on the back of her shirt that is not suppose to be there. These could just be issues with our specific figure. I would highly doubt that ever figure of her has these issues. Truthfully it wouldn’t be something you would notice unless you are really inspecting her like I am.

I would also like to mention she really holding onto her skirt. It can come off her hand but it just hangs there. I will say that you cannot actually take the skirt off. It doesn’t fit over her legs, at least I tried and I got to a point where I wasn’t comfortable with trying any further for risk of harming the figure.

Over all the figure is very well done. The sculpting is superb and the painting is near flawless. The chair and accessories are a nice touch as well. It gives the figure more setting then most of the figures out there. And even though the base is simple, it really ties in with the figure.

In the end I will give this figure a grand 93%. She is sexy and very well made. You couldn’t go wrong by adding this figure to your collection… unless you are aiming for a “family friendly” collection… but who would do that? haha If you have this figure or want to have this figure, we would love to hear your comments on her! Do you agree with my rating or maybe I am just on a figure high? Let me know!!

2 thoughts on “*NSFW* Native – Shoujo S – 1/7 PVC Figure

  1. An otaku’s dream figure is right. The only thing I would change about her design is to make her hair longer. I thought her hair ribbons had some really rough edges at first, then I noticed that they were just frilly. It’s odd that they would make her skirt a separate piece, but not let you remove it from the figure. Maybe they just didn’t want to have any seam lines along it?

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