Ascii Media Works & Kotobukiya – C3 – Fear Kubrick – 1/8 PVC Figure

I think I just might have a new favorite figurine. Fear Kubrick from C3 was almost instantly one of my favorite anime characters, its not hard to tell why if you have seen the anime. The long haired cute flat chested tsundere is TOTALLY my type. When the wife and I started watching this anime I was not sure oh… oh wait, I’m being informed that she is not tsundere she is yan/tsundere <the best of both worlds as my wife coins it>. Anyways as I was saying, we were unsure of this anime when we first started watching it, I loved the animation style and I definitely did enjoy the characters. All of the cursed objects in the show have their own place in my heart for sure.

We got this figurine from eBay from a company called “Big In Japan”. From my understanding this figurine was a Kotobukiya exclusive run that was only with… something… Wow good thing we read my reviews for information right? Maybe when my wife edits this she will do the look up required to tell you where it came from. <She is a Dengeki Online exclusive run> All I know is, she showed this to me a hell of a long time ago and I looked her dead in the eyes and said… I want you…. then I turned to my wife and asked her where we can buy it.

Anyways, onto the figurine. It was done by Kotobukiya as I had previously said, so I already had a good idea in my mind of what the quality would be like. When I first unboxed this, I would say I was not impressed but I was not let down, it was almost exactly what I was expecting. There is a few things in the figurine I don’t really like but its pretty minor stuff in compared to some other figurines out there.

Lets start with the good. Well, flat chested, loli, blue and white striped panties WHICH ARE FALLING OFF…. Shocked angry tsundere face, fang… yeah, this is fucking A+ work here guys, I can see why a lot of people online are clamoring for this figurine. If my wife didn’t randomly show this to me one day and I just was seeing it right now, I easily would of dropped a crap ton of money on this. She says she saw it at Neko Magic.

I absolutely love the face on this figurine, there are two of them that you will see but the shocked angry blushing face is just spot on for me. I love the way the eyes are done, they just look magnificent on this figurine. The hair is done well, the seam is almost nonexistent which is nice, its just because of the style of her hair. I do like the way the hair on the figurine is done however it really is nothing out of the ordinary. Fear Kubrick is such a freaking awesome character even her name is awesome.

There is a few flaws on this figurine but again they are super small things. The buttons on her outfit near the top are really drowned out and bland, they are just not as sharp as the other 2 on the bottom. There is a little bit of red bleeding into the white on the cuffs and collars of the figurine. The base of course I will have to mention and point out that it is just a clear plastic base. Maybe this is typical of an exclusive release? But I could think of lots of cooler designs they could of done that fit in with this anime. My last gripe on this figurine will be that one of her feet has a flat part on it, I would assume that this is due to the fact that they want to stabilize her more but the way the skirt fits inside this figurine that clearly already does that.

Despite the fact this figurine might now be my favorite in our collection I still cannot rank it higher then some of the other ones we own. The character is captured SUPER well and I think that is what all figurine companies need to shoot for as goal #1. However it does fall a little short on some aspects that I would expect better from Kotobukiya. I will give this figurine a 85%. If you are anything like me and you love your Loli/DFC Tsundere characters? This is a must watch and a must have.

This has nothing to do with the figurine and I’m not sure a lot of you guys know but I am obsessed with AMV’s. Only good AMV’s I should say. I have ~400 gigs of AMV’s on my PC and I’m just going to share with you the one I am currently obsessed with. XD

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