Code Geass – Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 – Kururugi Suzaku – Knight of Zero – 1/8 PVC Figure

Well I stood upstairs looking at our display for about 20 min or so, trying to figure out which figurine I want to review. It occurred to me that a lot of the time I do generally tend to review the newer figurines in a vague attempt to get more hits to our website. Another odd thing I have noticed as well, all of our male figurines tend to do poorly in views as well. So its hard for me to choose a figurine to review with those thoughts in mind, so today I said screw it and chose this one.

Code Geass has always been one of my favorite animes, I cant say that I came into the series early into my anime career either which makes me believe that this is in fact a good anime. I however was fortunate enough to start watching the series very shortly after the second season ended to which I was very grateful for. Suzaku was not a character I was highly fond of for most of the series, however no one could dispute his charisma and overall place in the series. He was very VERY intense most of the time even intense enough to rival Lelouch. While I normally do not favor the whole “hardcore justice good guy” thing, I would be lying if I said that Suzaku did not grow on me… So with that said, make sure you read my review and comment on it, or else Suzaku will fucking spin-kick you through your monitor…. no one wants that…

The figurine is done by Alpha X Omega, which I honestly can say I don’t think I have ever heard of them, nor does a figurine we own of them come to mind…. actually our Kouzuki Kallen figure is done by the same company.

Pre-ordering this figurine was a bit of a no brainer for us, we do want to have more male figurines in our collection but at the same time we do want to have some of the more memorable male characters from shows we watch. Seeing that Suzaku was finally getting a figurine, we knew that we had to get it. I apologize in advance if this review seems a little lackluster, its harder for me to talk about a male figurine then it is to talk about a female one, not really sure why but there is definitely a bit of a mental disconnect with me on them.

Right off the start, before we even ordered it, I was a little disappointed that they chose this costume for him from this area of the anime. This area of the anime I was very emotionally broken I guess would be the way to put it. The way Suzaku’s character developed left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I can say that I overall was left devastated by the ending of the anime. So to have a figurine of one of the characters that reminds me of this ending is a little harsh.

Other then that a few nit picks I have about it would be that he is just overall too shiny. This is a personal preference on figurines of mine, I just don’t like to see a glossy paint used, I prefer a flat paint. Even on things like boots and stockings and stuff that should be shiny, I just prefer it not to be. This figurine has a lot of shine to it, the cloak is quite shiny and the boots are shiny. In retrospect, the cloak can come off, I think I’ll ask the wife to leave that off now for the display. The figurine is actually quite heavy with everything on it, enough that the base actually has a little plastic nub to hold the weight of the cloak. THIS is a very nice feature to have, I would of never considered it to be honest.

I do have to say, the figurine really is quite good, a bit of the details I wish could be a bit sharper and crisper but I don’t think I can honestly fault them on it at all, its pretty bang on right out of the anime. The detail on the sword is done well despite the fact it is a little boring.

The sculpting on the figurine is well done, the coloring on the figurine is well done, I do love the look on his face as well, they capture his intensity of this moment of the anime. Everything is very clean and defined as it should be. Its honestly hard to find something that really stands out about this figurine. I really don’t have many complaints about it other then it is a crushing reminder of what happened at the end of the anime for me. The base is done well, I like how its got a good shape to it, its not too overwhelming but its not boring at the same time.

This figurine is something that all Code Geass fans should probably own, however if you did not watch the series, this is really just another random male figurine and the only thing about it that is really “out there” is the cloak. Which most people if they display their figurines should not have on there because it will rub on his shoulders. Its difficult to rate this because I cant find any flaws in it but at the same time there is nothing exceptional about it as well. I think I must have a not so secret hatred for this figurine because of what happens in the anime… But rate it we shall anyways. I’ll have to give this a 89%, while its strong points are capturing the essence of the character, I do feel that a better job could have been done with him in general.

As always, let us know how you feel with your comments, or if you have any figurines you would like to see reviewed or just pictures of and you think we can oblige, let us know. Here is an AMV with Code Geass, it does contain some spoilers but nothing major. Not my favorite one but definitely a great one, I wont link my favorite one due to massive spoilers and I’ll start crying if I watch it.

4 thoughts on “Code Geass – Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 – Kururugi Suzaku – Knight of Zero – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. Though I’m a big fan of Code Geass, I’m not that interested in this figure, personally. Not really the figure’s fault, because as you said, it’s does capture the essence of the character; it’s the design that puts me off. I know that’s how he looked like at one point, but I would’ve preferred a figure of him in his pilot suit; strangely there’s none of him like that besides one trading figure. Oh well. Guess I’ll focus on getting a good Lelouch first anyway (I didn’t start collecting until long after the show had aired, so it’s hard finding good stuff nowadays).

    As for requests, I’d like to see a review of Kotobukiya’s Erio Touwa. Haven’t really seen any reviews of her yet and I get the feeling she’s kind of overlooked. Poor Erio.

  2. We can do that review, we do have that figure 🙂
    And I agree, I wish they released a figure of Suzaku in his pilot suit as well since they did two of Lelouch…

  3. Wow, a male figure review, I haven’t seen one of these in like… ever.

    I’m not a big fan of Suzaku either, I’d much rather have a Lelouch figure. Something about his design just doesn’t look right either, at least when you look at him without the cape. With the cape, he actually looks pretty cool.

  4. We would review all our male One Piece figurines but no one seems interested enough in the male or one piece figures. Or maybe we just need to review Nami and Hancock. haha

    But I really do like Suzaku >.< Him and Lelouch are both awesome! <3

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