Alter – Chara-Ani – Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Nagato Yuki – 1/8 PVC Figure – School Uniform Ver.

Well boys and girls, its that time of day again, the time of day where I review lovely pieces of plastic that are formed in ways that entice and excite you all! yes, that’s right, its time for another review. I was going to review the figurines we have from xxxHolic of Maru and Moro or whatever their names are but I grabbed them and their scary bug eyed look made me put them back, so instinctively I grabbed something that soothes my heart, Yuki =D.

I realize I probably have not mentioned this often enough but Yuki Nagato is probably my favorite anime character in existence. This stems from a lot of things but mostly from her innocence cute looks and subtle sexy charms. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya while not one of the first animes I have every watched was for some reason one of the most influential animes I have ever watched. I am not the sort of guy that downloads or buys an anime and will sit down and marathon the whole thing but this was one of those rare occasions. To this day I fervently recommend this anime to anyone who has the unfortunate experience of meeting me in person. When I talk to someone about anime and the topic of genre comes up, for some reason Haruhi always comes to mind as an anime that just sort of “has it all”. It definitely does help that I do have a small crush on Haruhi, despite her ample bosom, her energetic face and attitude always just has a way of making me smile. However today this review is not about her, today, its all about Yuki.

So as a default setting to figurine collection, a Yuki figurine is a must buy, this of course being a Yuki figurine, I has it. This particular one was created by .. huh… weird, Chara-Ani and Alter. Maybe that’s normal, I was under the impression those were 2 separate companies. Regardless, that’s what the case is for this one. She is a 1/8 scale figurine and we bought her from Hobby Search for $64.

Well I can say that despite my complete and utter infatuation with Yuki, she does make for a pretty bland figurine. All you other hardcore collectors and anime fans realize that you don’t always have to buy a figurine just for its particular looks, you buy them because its a character you love immortalized in plastic goodness for you to always remember and physically hold. This figurine does fall under that category for me. There is a few things on this figurine that are total pet peeves of mine that obviously were thrown aside for the fact she is Yuki but for this review we will toss the biased-ness aside as I always try to.

First things first, she is a kneeling figurine, its not as bad in this case because the base itself is just a flat plastic that’s white nothing dark that would show scuffs on the knees if the figurine got pushed around. The cloths she is wearing just seem to be…. really… flat to her. I suppose it does make sense but a lot of the time you will find cloths have more DEPTH on a figurine then on this one. I suppose that is a minor complaint however.

The panties on the figurine have this odd blue ting to over 80% of them. It is really sort of weird, i can say however, who would be displaying this figurine with the panties obviously showing. There is also the flat spots on the figurine as well near the bottom which is used for stability but that still doesn’t make me like it anymore. They should do what they did for the Taiga figurine where the base is molded in such a way so they don’t have to have flat spots…

If they did miss the mark on some aspects of the figurine they were minor however I can say that they did nail it on the points that do matter. The sculpting as a whole is done quite well, it has the normal hair seems that I’m sure we are all used to at this point. However the most important aspect of any figurine in my opinion at least, capturing the character, was done well in this case. When I look at this figurine, I am looking at Yuki, without any shadow of a doubt this is her. The mannerism of the way she is laying down, the lackadaisical style of her posture and the look on her face and even the depth of her eyes. All were captured perfectly in this figurine.

The detail on the figurine is done well, there is nothing out of place on it that I can see when I closely inspect it. As I did say previously however, being a Yuki figurine? There really is not a heck of a lot of detail to mess up on, she is as cut and dry as you can get for a character and that’s the way I like her. The shoes are done well, the lines are nice on them, the sculpting on her hands and knees are good, the hair is done well, colors are good. I do like to see that she has her glasses, I personally am a fan of Yuki without her glasses? But its always nice to see that they make the extra effort to add in what detail they can for a character like this.

The base, I really do wish they could of done something more with it, even at this point I would of rather had a clear base with a Y on it then a solid white base like this. Some sort of decal or drawing or any sort of animation on it would of been nice. It just seems bland, this is the type of base that I despise the most. Well that’s a lie, the bases the figurines are literally screwed into are my bane but this is a close second. It does fit in with a boring Yuki figurine but i just cant help but want more for any figurine.

The figurine as a whole is fine, it captures the character perfectly, its all the other subtle things that they just seemed to fall short on. It just seems like they did not put the effort into making it an extraordinary figurine and instead were just please with having it as a “good” figurine. As far as a Yuki figurine goes, I believe my wife said it is her favorite, it IS good, it does capture her well. For the price point I suppose you really cannot as for much more, I give this figurine a 84%. If it had a better base and a bit more life breathed into the figurine as a whole, I think I could rank it up higher. For now though, I will sit this figurine here.

I always try to add some sort of AMV at the end of my reviews, so here is one of my favorite Yuki AMV’s, its nothing special but it does highlight Yuki and only Yuki =D.

4 thoughts on “Alter – Chara-Ani – Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Nagato Yuki – 1/8 PVC Figure – School Uniform Ver.

  1. I remember this Yuki, when she was released it was during a time when I was more cash strapped so I passed on her.

    Over all it looks nice, no complaints from me. Looking at her face I was a little off put by her expression but now I watched and read the Disappearing of Haruhi it makes a lot more sense.

  2. I still haven’t watched the movie, and I didn’t know this was a movie figure… I really love this figure of Yuki though. haha I really love her expression myself.

  3. I love the Haruhi Suzumiya series and I also I like the spin-off anime with Nagato. I wanted this figurine, but when I saw that they had a limited edition version of this same figurine I died of happiness inside. However, I did died a little of sadness because the limited edition Chara-ani version school uniform version of Nagato is a bit rare that the price for it on Amazon and Ebay is outrageous. One day…one day.

    In my opinion I think the limited edition version of this figurine captures Nagato in a better light.
    Here’s a link of a picture of the other version.

    1. They are pretty similar but yes, that one is great! I like how she’s hold a book. It does suit her character more.

      It would probably be cheapest to look into the AmiAmi pre-owned section and Mandarake for her.

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