*NSFW* Chara-Ani – Toy’s Works – High School DxD – Rias Gremory 1/8 PVC Figure

Not Safe For Work

Those of you who follow us here might know that Bloodfrost thinks that I am terribly perverted wife… unfortunately this week’s review will solidify his claims. This week we are reviewing a NSFW unique figure to our collection that I was terribly excited to get even though I have never watched the series she comes from. This week we are taking a look at Rias Gremory, Hog the breasts of senior version, from High School DxD.

This figure is actually made by two companies Chara-Ani and Toy’s Works. She is your typically standard 1/8 scale figure. We bought her at Hobby Search for about $80.

I will get straight to the point. This figure has squishy silicone breasts. Never before have I seen a figure like this. This is so awesome/weird/crazy that I have friends wanting to come over simply to grope Rias boobs.

Unfortunately this figure’s best feature is also its worse in my opinion. Because they are silicone they act like erasers. If you handle them to much they can get crack and get dirty and if you try to rub off the dirt they actually start to peel a bit. Which is almost impossible to not since you need to pull on them to take them off. I made the mistake of using the swift on this figure before the photo shoot, this was terrible for the silicone since they pretty much pulled off all the dirt from my swifter. I tried cleaning them but it was just a gong show. If anyone has success in cleaning them please let me know.

As you can see she also doesn’t have any color on the nipples. They took the time to sculpt the nipples but didn’t even color them? Why they wouldn’t color them is beyond me since the only reason 90% of collectors are getting this figure are because of the boobs. You think they could have a least done them accurately.

At the very least you can have three different ways to display her. She can be pulling her shirt open, shirt open hands resting on boobs, and shirt closed with hands resting on boobs. Or hands out I guess, her arms can come off but I found that you can just then them away to get the shirt/boobs on and off without them getting in the way.

One thing that I have issues with, when it comes to my Rias, is that her torso doesn’t lock into her legs as nicely as I would like it to. They are very loose, I do not know if this is just something that my specific Rias suffers from. Hell I could just not be pushing it together hard enough, that is a possibility as well. I would like to point out you can take her skirt off and the panties she is wearing is, I believe the ones she wears in episode 7. I didn’t watch the series so please correct me if I am wrong.

Her hair is really well done. They have the tips of her hair darker then the rest just like the anime. With all the layers to her hair it is really helps to hide or blend the seams, which makes it look way more natural.

The base itself isn’t anything really special. It is just a wood grain base. I would think they would have been able to do a better job with the painting on the base to make it look a little more realistic. Looking at this base it is very clearly a plastic circle. Though I would like to point out that with this base she has two pegs to hold her in place, one for each knee.

All in all this figure is decently done. The boobs really do make it awesome… and just to clarify the closed shirt is also silicone so both are squishy. You just need to take extra care with her. If you do decide to purchase this figure I would definitely suggest to keep her in a glass case if you have one to keep her as dust free as possible. As someone who has never watched High School DxD, I will give her a 80%. I would love to find out how many of you got her or debated getting her simply because of the squishy boobs.

7 thoughts on “*NSFW* Chara-Ani – Toy’s Works – High School DxD – Rias Gremory 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. I just got this figure,have yet to open her…I swear that groping bit seems freaky/weird/one of those just plain creepy things about this figure.

    -This should tempt me to open mine and get some photos made soon-

    Rias is a great character, Highschool DxD Is a rather decent anime yet loaded with fanservice[Was hoping they’d release Akeno]

    Still good pictures!

  2. squishy boobs seem to be funny ^0^
    The figure is kinda cute, but it’s a bit sad the boobs are getting dirty that easily and are difficult to clean. I guess that feature is better done on these Hyper Nurse figures from Keumaya.

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