Gift – Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann – Yoko Littner – 1/5 PVC Figure

Time to do another TTGL figurine, we really do not review enough of these on this site right now. There’s nothing really new in our collection that excites me, so this week I’m going to take the time to do a older figurine from our collection. I realize that a lot of the older figurines don’t get a lot of attention on our site! You guys are all jerks!… not sure where I was going with this… hmmm. TTGL is as I have said in a previous review, the reason why my wife and I are together so figurines from this series are actually quite special to us.

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned why my wife and I got together so I will do a quick overview of it again. This does contain a spoiler for TTGL so skip this if you have yet to see it, also if you have yet to see it? Shame on you. My friend James told me one day that he worked with a cute girl that watched more anime then I did, of course I took this as a challenge and told him he’s a bloody liar. I told him many many many times to tell her to watch an anime called TTGL (Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann) and after bothering him for almost 1 month, he finally did. Apparently she actually DID watch the anime and this is where it starts to get into the whole “this must be fate” thing. James was over at my parents place for Easter dinner with me, which is odd, because not only has James never been over at my parents place before, this is a family occasion AND its a dinner. Further onto this, James has never had a cell phone and I recently agreed to get one for him under my name as he had credit issues at the time with the only exception being that he must get a blackberry because for some reason I was hooked on them. He grudgingly accepted. Little to my knowledge James and Dani had exchanged Emails and were emailing each other via phone. When Kamina died in TTGL, Dani was obviously distraught and emailed James cursing my name and why I was ever born. James looked at me from across the room and said something along the lines of “I think this is for you” and tossed his cell phone to me. I replied to the email cursing my existence… and ~2 years later, we were married =D.

Sorry, that took a lot longer to write then it should of, lets get into the figurine here guys. I’ve already explained my love for TTGL but admittedly Yoko is a bit of a gray area for me as Dani and I refer to her more as the “black widow” of TTGL since anyone she kisses seems to die. Looking up the sculptor for this figurine it looks like Kondou Takayuki has done a few Sonico figurines but nothing that really catches my eye. Honestly? Gift does not make a lot of figurines I like, mostly because they are of the larger scale. I did purchase this figurine early in my figurine collecting career and I had no idea it was a 1/5th scale figurine. Shocked me actually when I opened it. I probably would of gotten this figurine from Hobby Fan and I’m willing to bet since it’s a 1/5th that it probably cost me a lot of money.

Sorry guys, a lot of rambling on this review. The figurine itself is actually really nice, I do dislike a lot of the “larger scale” figs because I find that it magnifies a lot of the imperfections when you scale everything up. However this one doesn’t seem to suffer from that problem. Everything is very smooth and sexy to be perfectly honest. Yoko does not have the body type that I personally find to be super sexy but even this figurine is quite hot.

Probably the thing I like the most about this figurine is the face. It is actually such an adorable look, like she was caught halfway through her morning routine of doing her hair, it captures her PERFECTLY. Most of the other figurines of her have her in a super smiley face or in a serious I’m going to kick your ass face. It is nice to see it in a more neutral face which just SCREAMS cute. I cannot say this is my favorite figurine of Yoko because that place is reserved for bounty hunter Yoko but this is a damn close second.

One of my only complaints on this figurine is that she looks a little chubby. Call me a prude buy I like my girls to be a little rail thin, or … you know… lolis? Despite this fact? I do still think that Yoko is incredibly attractive in this figurine, its just odd how I bought this one so long ago and still love it to this day.

A few things to point out I suppose, the chopstick in her hand does come out and I’m not sure wtf’s wrong with me but I always seem to have it fall out, this is not due to it being poorly made, it really is 100% users retardation that causes this. Also the base, would be nice to see something a little extra but I can say that I have a bit of a “thing” for the mirrored bases, it allows you to see the figurine more by just looking at the figurine! In a good figurine, you cannot ask for more!

The figure itself does not have a lot of detail and that makes it a perfect candidate for a larger scale like this. Because of the lack of fine detail on the character itself its almost impossible to magnify imperfections. Everything about this figurine is smooth as silk, I love the legs and the body and hips and how it moves up into the breasts and arms and face. It really does have a nice flow to it very good, no mold lines either.

While again I say I’m not a huge fan of larger scale figurines, this is by far the best one in our small small small collection of them, I’ll give this one a rank of 89%. I do like to think that they could of done something with the base and I’d have liked to see a LITTLE bit more support on the pegs, maybe another peg in her knee to hold her in better. Other then those 2 small issues? This is a great figurine for ANY Yoko collector.


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