Alter – Heiwajima Shizuo – Durarara!! – 1/8 PVC Figure

Ah Durarara!! Just looking at this figurine really makes me wanna watch the anime again, or at least a few AMV’s… Now that we have Shizuo our collection of the 3 Alter figurines from Drrr is finally done. I’m a little excited because we do not have many male figurines nor do we honestly review many of the ones we have but when I told the wife to go grab some figurines to review she came down with this one. So here we are!

I won’t really get into the anime because I did speak of it, the jist of it is, if you have yet to see it, it is definitely worth the watch…. For some reason it is definitely harder for me to review male figurines, probably because I cant be like “omg this is so sexy” but … well I guess I could? That would be a little weird however.


Well, this review might be a bit shorter then normal, I can honestly say that I am at a bit of a loss as to what to say on this one. Normally I could give a long winded speech about why I love or hate something but I honestly think the main attraction to getting this figurine was because of how much we loved the anime and less because of quality of figurine or other things.


I can definitely say that the essence of the character was captured in this figurine, which is something all good figurine collectors should look for. It is pretty hard to see from just a few pictures online, I know we have been burned in the past when I think a figurine looks great and then when I get it I’m disappointed This is not the case in this figurine, sometimes I expect to walk into the room where I have this displayed and see him swinging his signpost at Izaya.


Most of what I like about the figurine is its very clean cut. It has nice lines on it everything is smooth and flowing and I mean that in a visual sense not a literal. He looks relaxed almost like when he just finished beating the shit out of someone in the anime and is just lighting up his smoke and walking away. Of course I’d have to say that his attire is accurate.


Something I’m not a big fan of is the base. Its such a dark blue that for awhile I was actually going to talk about it and say “why didn’t they make it like Izaya’s figurine and have the Drrr! Thing with the black swirl”. Then I saw that it did in fact have it. I don’t know, I love blue, its actually my favorite colour and when you have it in light this is actually my shade of blue I love. It’s just not as striking as it was on Izaya’s figurine.


Something odd I have to mention as well is that his fingers that hold the cigarette were… basically stuck together. Which according to the instructions that came with it showed “pulling the fingers apart”. Just thought that I would mention that as it is a little weird ha!


Well, there’s really nothing left for me to mention on this figurine that’s a huge standout feature that the pictures won’t show. I will leave this with a rating of 84%. For a male figurine it’s nice to have a character in the collection that just looks bad ass, I mean, who else would be holding a bent up signpost while casually smoking a cigarette and glaring at you? It IS pretty awesome. He is also still in stock at Hobby Search ,as of today, if you were wanting to pick him up.

In closing, an AMV, with Bishi’s in honor of our fellow bishi figurine.

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