Max Factory – Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day – Honma Meiko Swimsuit ver – 1/7 PVC Figure

FOOLISH MORTALS!! WHY HAVE YOU NOT BOUGHT THIS!?… oh… oh you did?…. oh… oh good then!

I have not watched this anime series because I have been told that it is sad and I just was not in the mood to be bawling over dead lolis at the time. However, I still have seen many many clips of my wife watching this and THIS character… HHHHNNNNNNGGGGGHHHH. Yes! I can’t believe Max Factory did a figurine of her, I’m pretty damn happy about this.


So as you can assume this is Menma from ummm… that anime with the long name 😉 (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai or  Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day  in English). I am very excited to have this figurine as she is super cute and sexy and yes I loves her. As I am sure anyone that reads my reviews knows, this is pretty much right up my alley, bikini loli girl with a cute look on her face, yes… yes this will do perfectly… yes….


There is a lot of things I like about this figurine, I realize its a bikini figurine and you really cannot do A LOT with them but for some reason this figurine is just so cute and sexy. I think its the frilly bikini, I’ve kinda had a thing for them since Haruhi from host club was supposed to be wearing one. When I saw that scene of them imagining her running towards them on the beach something in my brain snapped and I was like “omfg that is adorable”.


There is a few things about the figurine that fall a bit short in my opinion, which is rare for me to say to any Max Factory figurine that I own at least. I wish they would of done something with her hair to hide her hair seam a bit and I don’t really like the red flower in her hair. It almost looks like its sprouting from her head if you take a close look at it. Her eyes are also JUST a bit too big… just a bit..


Of course what I love about her greatly outweighs the negatives, first of all she is a loli in a swimsuit so I mean like… hi. I like that they decided to take what would normal be a more boring bikini figurine and give it a little bit of … life I guess. She is eating her popsicle in an adorable fashion with the expression on her face as if you snapped a picture of her and she wasn’t prepared. Holding the inflatable ring is a nice touch as well I suppose, I do prefer that to the balls that you see some holding.


I guess the best part is just Menma, I like how she is tall and skinny and frankly quite sexy in this. I am definitely a bikini guy, when Dani and I were in Japan we got her a super sexy bikini as well, sadly no frills but it does have cherries all over it =D. If I would of saw this bikini in Japan, we would of bought it in a heartbeat. I love the display of mid drift as that is exceptionally sexy. The base is surprisingly nice as well for a beach figurine, there is flowers on top of it and under it which gives a bit of depth to the base.


While this figurine is not a favorite of mine in our collection, I do love it a lot, it is one that I find myself walking past my display case and just stopping to look at it. It IS my favorite beach figurine we have and it does almost make me want to give the anime a shot. All in all however, for a Max Factory figurine, this does seem to be lacking when I look at it objectively. I’ll have to give this one a lower ranking of 88% mainly because I dislike the way the flower is done.

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One thought on “Max Factory – Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day – Honma Meiko Swimsuit ver – 1/7 PVC Figure

  1. A loli shouldn’t be that sexy, well this Menma looks a bit older than your usual loli 😀
    I like her interesting pose a lot, like she’s slowly walking down the water with her ice and the swimring, unlike many other swimsuit figure, she has a real atmosphere around her.

    Aside from appearing like a real lolita in this figure adaption, Menma turned very cute as well.
    I like her flower even though it would look more realistic if it were closer to her head.

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