Good Smile Company – Guilty Crown – Yuzuriha Inori – 1/8 PVC Figure

For those of you who have not seen guilty crown, I cannot say that you should watch this, as I have no finished the anime yet, I have also heard that it has a “poor ending”. However, I can say that at least for that season of anime, it had my favorite character designs and the art was wonderful. Personally I thought the story started of with a bang which kind of fizzled out halfway through sadly… But this review isn’t about the anime, its about our darling Inori.


Anyone that follows our site with any regularity and reads my reviews will realize that I have a certain obsession with Yuki Nagato… Yuzuriha Inori is the closest I’ve ever come to moving my infatuation from Yuki to another character. Dani will tell you that I just have a thing for Dandere girls and I personally cannot say this is not true. Dani herself has a Dandere streak through her, although I bet she wouldn’t admit it  she has a thicker streak of Tsundere.


Anyways, enough prattle, this is .. was.. my most anticipated figurine of this year. When I saw they were immortalizing sexy Inori in a figurine AND it was in her outfit which was the sexiest AND that it was being done by Good Smile Company… I was understandably excited. I have this odd thing that when I know I want a figurine I TRY not to dwell on it and look at pictures of it obsessively and I can say that sort of burned me on this one.


I will say right now, I probably wont put a ranking on this figurine it is done in a style that I am not a large fan of. Pretty much exactly the same way as Lacia. Which of course doesn’t come as a surprise to me as it was sculpted by Ishinaga Sakurako who DID the Lacia figurine. While I will never discount any of his works as poor quality, I will say that I dislike the style, MOSTLY the eyes of his figurines.


So, besides the way they decided to design this figurine the only other thing I can say that is not really exceptional on this figurine is the ties in her hair and the clip on the front of her hair. The color did bleed out a little bit and the modeling on the hair ties is a little bit lackluster. Oh her ass there is a line, not 100% sure if that should be there or not? See if Dani can snap a shot of it, since we do not have a macro lense I doubt we can do it justice. Either way, unsure if that should be there or if it was just a molding line.


Something that I do love about this figurine is the stance. There is a flow to the figurine that I just like, looking at her face does kind of ruin it for me but that really comes again from opinion and not liking that style. I love how articulated her legs are and I am absolutely in love with the base.


They could of went a few different ways on this figurine I think but they chose a layered appearance and I think they pulled it off quite well. The area on the hips that hugs into the inner thigh is super cool, so are the flower pedals on the hips. I’m not a real fan of the little dangling string that she has but I guess it does add a nice contrast which is good. Don’t want people to think she looks like some sort of pumpkin.


All in all I AM pleased with this figurine, even though I am not a fan of the style, I can definitely see it growing on me in time if they keep making quality figurines like Lacia and this one here. I will refrain from giving it my random ranking like I normally do but if the wife feels that she can then I’ll accept it. <Dinara: As a figure I was a little disappointed in Inori but mostly do to her small size like Lacia. I think Inori deserves at least an 83% for how well done she is>

In closing, here is a nice GC AMV which for those who have not watched it, displays some of the nice artwork and intense scenes.

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