Good Smile Company – Peppermint Yuzuko – Hayakawa Yuzuko – 1/8 PVC Figure

Well, starting to delve deeper into our collection and I want to review some of the “older” figurines I suppose. Its always nice to have the new ones up here, in fact I’m sure that’s what most of you guys/gals come here to see. However this is one that’s been in our collection for a good while and I’ve always wanted to review her. There is a few other reviews I believe have I seen online before but hopefully you will all find this one insightful regardless ;).

Firstly I’m sure the wife will pull out the original artwork picture of this figurine and have it in here, so I’d like to mention that it does seem like they differed a little from the original artwork feel.Not in a bad way, in fact I could almost say that I feel that I like this more.


Background on this figurine I believe my wife knew more then I did. I can’t say that I am a really big fan of trying to look into the background of a figurine but I’ll make her write a little blurb about it…

Hayakawa Yuzuko is from a manga that consists of 8 volumes. The figure came with a book talking about the figure and series I will assume, and a CD. The synopsis on the box reads in English: Yuzuko was left alone after her grandmother passed away. Shadowed by a mysterious organization, her family murdered by a psychopath, and with the sudden “breakdown” of the world, the missing pieces to everything is revealed, and the “Peppermint” inside Yuzuko activates…


The book it came with is pretty cool, it has comic instructions on how to deal with the figure, a bit of the story I assume as I cannot read Japanese, and art work. They even have sketch of Yuzuko cosplaying as Miku!


Back to the figurine however, I must say it did catch my eye very quickly. I loved the hair on the peppermint part, just the ghostly way it was and the color used, even the look on her face was just so… awesome. I believe this was around the time Black Rock Shooter was either released or being pre-ordered so I kinda had a thing with chains as well.


The overall standout for me was the secondary face but as well the pose she had mixed in with the chains flowing around and the unique base really is what sealed the deal here. Oh of course that and the fact I was a GSC figurine, however I don’t think I was as much of a raging fan of them at that point yet.


Her pose is threatening yet sexy to me, she has legs that just go on forever and the way the skirt is billowing up finishes the look. The subtle twist in her body and the way her arm is out makes the figurine.

A few of the negatives would have to be on the arm where the chains are. There is some obvious spots for the chain to be around and while one might say that would be accurate? It really just does not pull the look off fully. I can’t say there is a lot wrong with the figurine but I would like to off seen a little bit more detail paid to the smoothness of the cloths and just a little bit less rough edges. You can see some bad texturing in areas and there is even a mold line on her right shoe. I would say most GSC figurines I would rank higher and naturally I would be a little pickier with them. This figurine does fall a little bit short.

Overall, it is a unique figurine for any collection and its a standout piece in our display stands. I do find myself drawn to her probably because of the more “action” type pose and we do seem to be severely lacking in that category. I’ll rank this at an 84% mostly because there is a few things I would of liked to see done a bit better. If you guys/gals have this figurine, let us know what your thoughts on it are, from my understanding there is a bit of a love hate relationship with it due to some last min changes they made on the base… but I still like it. Thanks as always everyone.

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    1. The full ball base would have been pretty epic! She would have been so tall though with it haha. When she has her ghostly hair she is pretty tall, so with the ball base I think she would be a good foot tall at least.

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