*NSFW* Orchid Seed – Comic XO – Jumonji Tamaki – 1/7 PVC Figure


It is that time a year again… Christmas Holidays, Santa Claus, decoration and generally terrible music. To keep with the Christmas spirit I will present you with the rather naughty Jumonji Tamaki, our Sanata cosplay girl!


We actually ordered Tamaki last year on ebay in hopes to get her in time for last years Christmas. Unfortunately due to the busy season for our postal workers we didn’t get it till the new year. So we get our naughty Christmas figure to review this year! Tamaki is an Orchid Seed figure sculpted by Minheru, we do not have any other figures from this artist, and Tamaki here is only our second figure in our collection from Orchid Seed.


This figure is both cute and sexy there is no way around it. Her round face with her tongue sticking out and her short bobbed hair with the headband and ribbons just make her so cute. While her busty, curvy body make up the sexy.


The figure is really well done in my opinion, her hair seams are minimal and her body is very well done. The only big issue I have with her is her clothes. The shoulder pieces are to big and always fall off, while the shirt is to small and it will not do up properly around her chest. Since her arms are down you cannot really see the gap to much on the shirt, but it is still really annoying that it doesn’t fit.


One thing I would like to point out is her band-aid, you see it in animes and to see it on a figure was pretty awesome. And it is pretty much a real cloth band-aid. Her figure came with two extra as well. We have had her for pretty much a year, and the one we put on her originally isn’t really sticking as good as it use to so it is nice to see that they provided us with more band-aids.


Her breasts, vagina, and butt are pretty detailed when it comes to the sculpting, you don’t always see this with the cast off figures. Though given that Orchid Seed seems to lean more towards the naughty figures, I would expect this of them.


Something that I would point out is that her clothes  rub off a lot of red onto her skin. So you should either take the clothes off right away or leave them on. To much dresses and redressing have really left a lot of marks on her. I don’t know if the pink version of this figure would have the same issues or not due to the lighter color.


Tamaki is leaning on a green angel fluff ball of sorts, it looks like something that you would kill in some cutie MMO at low levels. Tamaki is in the middle of squishing it with a Christmas gift. The gift of which she attaches to with both hands, you can remove her from it but she will not stand up on her own without it.


All in all I think Tamaki is a decent figure. Her sexy body and extremely cute face make her really appealing, but the issues with the clothes is a bit of a turn off for me when it comes to figures. I will give Tamaki a 78%, if you are a collector of naughty figures and you don’t have issues with displaying them nude then I would suggest that you get this figure. If you aren’t that type then I would say you should pass on her.


Here is a Christmas themed AMV, its cute cause its Toradora but I doubt it matches the standards Bloodfrost sets haha.

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