Yamato – Needless – Eve Neuschwanstein – 1/7 PVC Figure

 Ahh, forever dubbed the figurine that got away… NO MORE! Much to my wife’s disapproval I finally got this figurine. When it first came out, I think we were short on cash and I just didn’t pick it up, to which I regretted almost instantly. While this figurine does have relatively large breasts which is not my style, she does have sexy sexy mid-drift action going on. Also her super excitable character made her someone I wanted in our collection. We were able to get it during Hobby Link Japan’s Yamato figure sale for a good price.

Needless is an anime that we still have not fully finished watching, I still recall showing the ending credits to Dani and the look on her face was priceless, she was not amused, I think she said something like “you’re never allowed to watch that again”. Anyways, we finally bought this figurine and while I can’t say that I am super happy to finally have it, I am glad to have it in our collection.


The figurine was done by Yamato, we have a few from them and I can say that I enjoy their work. This was sculpted by Hatsumi who has done one other figurine we own. One of our Taiga figurines, which I’m not fully partial to but I definitely like it more then my other taiga figurine.

This figurine is technically cast-offable but Dani threatened to break my arms if I did it, as this would involve cutting the shirt off of Eve. So I guess we will just have to leave it as it is for now ;). I cannot say I would willfully destroy any figurine in our collection anyways…. except for maybe Rob Lucci…. bastard…

Moving onto the figurine itself, I can honestly say, there is really nothing all that special about it. I wanted a Needless figurine and now I have a Needless figurine. The entire figurine itself just… oozes average to me. It has a nameless black base, the molding on the wrappings is good enough from far away but semi poorly done when you look up close. The hair seem is ever-present and it just seems odd to me that her .. panties? I guess… can’t seem to remember the word, are just stuck to her like a tampax pad.


There is things about it that obviously drove me to want to get it. I like the brightness of her face and eyes, her stance has a “come at me bitch” kinda look to it which I enjoy. Of course she is nice and shapely too. I am a sucker for a sexy mid drift like that…. aaand I think the boots she has are cute. I love it when boots are like… square like that hehehe.


She comes with regular hand that can replace her drill as well, but drills are really awesome so we prefer to have the drill on her. Though it would have been nice if she came in her school uniform to go with the drill.


All in all I don’t regret the purchase, it’s rare that there is a figurine we want that we don’t get. I think we could PROBABLY list them all on our hands alone. It does give me a certain sense of satisfaction to get a figurine that I missed out on years later because as we all know, the nature of this collection business normally means, you get one shot and only one shot.. I like this figurine I almost want to just put it on my desk and leave it there but, then I’d have to move some lolis out of the way and we all know that’s not happening. I’ll give it a 74%, unless you’re a fan of the show I would give it a pass. There really is nothing standout about it at all….

Did I review this figurine just because I wanted to show this AMV?… yes… yes I did… Enjoy =D



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