Kotobukiya – Sora no Otoshimono – Nymph with Astraea & Ikaros – 1/8 PVC Figure

Ah my delicious flat chested tsundere girls, you really cannot have enough of them can you… or well maybe you can but personally I cannot get enough of them. I was a little disappointed with how her character was portrayed at least in the first season of this anime, as I never finished it. I didn’t expect her to be an “enemy” and all that stuff, I wanted some cutsie little angel girl… nonetheless I still love my little Nymph.

 Here we have her figurine from Kotobukiya, and we shant forgive them for shipping us a broken Vash The Stampede, we shall have blood… rise up my minions of the dark RISE UP AND… huh?… what? I don’t have minions?… … What about the cats? Can they mayb-…. oh… oh sleeping… WELL THEN!!! We shall busy ourselves writing a review of this figurine!

Out the gates, I must admit I was a little disappointed with this figurine however it does sit nicely next to our ¼ version of her the we have from Freeing. Even with the initial disappointment, I cannot shy away from another cute figurine like this one.


I suppose I should talk about what disappointed me firstly. From Kotobukiya, I have had some very high quality figurines, this one does not really fall into that category. There is minor sculpting issues on this one that bother me. Again I suppose to the average collector this is something that would go unnoticed but since we have taken this from being just a hobby to the next level and ruined it for ourselfs =P lets talk about it.


I’m sure with the new camera lens we can get good shots of it but on the back of her legs where her garterbelt and stockings connect, its just very … umm… lets get technical.. its very not smooth. A lot of the seams on the figurine where flesh meets cloth seems to be marred in some way… minimally I should say, this isn’t something that you would look at and instantly be like “whoa they messed this up”.


The way her hair connects to her head is not very flush either, this IS something that I did notice pretty quickly on the figurine. There is a 2 mm gap on her left hair piece as well and that kinda bugs me… considering how many figurines I have with hair like that, if you’re going to make a design like that, just make the hair removable and place it separately in the container.


Moving onto what I like about the figurine, I love the base, the symbol for that anime is just… its just damn cute I love it. When I saw that was going to be the base I was pretty happy and it does fit it well. The cute look on her face? Absolutely love it as well, also her collar is made out of a softer plastic material as well which is nice because it wont mar the plastics its touching.


Even if I saw this figurine in person before I ordered it, I PROBABLY still would have ordered it. If I knew Kotobukiya was going to mail me a broken Vash the Stampede? I probably wouldn’t have just to not support them. However all in all I am satisfied with this figurine and I like how it came with the 2 magnet things with the other 2 characters, it was a nice touch.


As always, thank you for reading our reviews and commenting on our site, we love hearing from you guys… let us know if your Vash figurine was broken -_- we can rise up together! And possible take over the world… … I need my calming AMV… maybe this will calm you too.

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