*NSFW* Clayz – Moetan & Queen’s Gate – Ink Nijihara 2P Color – 1/8 PVC Figure

 Now everyone know that we have a decent collection of adorable loli’s in our figure collection, but the one I have here is probably, in my opinion at least, the cutest of them all. This is Ink Nijihara!

Now most of you who watch Moetan are probably confused by her outfit. This is not what she generally wears at all.  In fact this costume is based off the Queen’s Gate board game. It is suppose to be Ink cosplaying, based of the artwork below.

There were in fact two versions of this figure made, we have the second version featuring Ink Nijihara, while the first one was of Pastel Ink. We were originally going to get the Pastel Ink one since we though that the blue looked better, but when we found the Ink Nijihara version while we were in Japan we couldn’t pass it up. Given that she is originally released in August of 2009 in an exclusive run, we really weren’t going to be picky. I mean they are both friggin adorable.

Ink has the cutest face ever, her blue eyes and blushing cheeks, combined with her pink little twin tails, I would do anything she asked of me! I just want to hug her! I also like the effect of the slightly blued tips of her hair.

I don’t know what you would call her weapons that she has, but they also manage to be really cute! They are designed to look like giant buttons!

Her outfit is some bikini armor combo with a white skirt and a red cap. It is kind of random, but they battle worn marks on her armor add a nice touch.

Her boots, in addition to her head piece, have wings on them! And also have the button decorations to add to the overall cute-ness of Ink’s design. She is suppose to be a warrior but I don’t know how anyone could ever fight her!

Now one of the most surprising things about this figure is that she is actually cast-off! Unfortunately there is a a huge amount of rubbing and paint transfer on our figure in the shoulders.  But Ink is not anatomically correct! Personally I feel like this figure did not need to be cast-off. I think it really takes away the quality of the figure. They could have done a better job I think if they didn’t make her cast off.

Because she is cast off her bikini top just sorta floats there.

Not to mention it doesn’t even come close to touching in the back. So if you try to display her without her cape she looks pretty silly. I wish they just made her top a part of her and let just the cape and skirt come off.

The base is pretty basic. It has the logos for both shows, and it holds her in place well. It is pretty bulky I think for her size but it’s not terrible by any means.

Over all I really like this figure because she is an adorable pink haired loli, if you are anything like me then you really should try to get your hands on her. I wouldn’t say she is the best of quality due to her cast off but she is unique and pretty rare I believe. And you cannot really go wrong with an adorable figure like this.

Now I leave you with this AMV, I don’t think that Bloodfrost has posted it yet. haha

I also found this video from the Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos game. Her attacks are all so cute and hilarious. haha


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