Kotobukiya – Accel World – Arita Haruyuki & Kuroyukihime – 1/8 PVC Figure

Accel world was an anime that I personally started off loving but suddenly drained more and more on me as I watched it.  We did stop on episode 9 so that we could watch it all without having to wait week by week buuuut that seemed to backfire a little bit on me as I did lose interest.  We are currently watching it again and it doesn’t seem as good to me as it was before.  This figurine however? Does not give me the same sentiment.  It was actually in preparation for this figurine review that I started watching it again.  Kuroyukihime was almost instantly one of my favorite characters in the show…. Flat chested, jealous streak and very sure and proud of herself.

I always get a little concerned when a figurine I was anxiously waiting for comes out and I am pleased to say that this figurine did meet my standards… or at least it didn’t disappoint me in any way.  It’s from Kotobukiya and it WASN’T broken when we got it, so hey, that’s a good start right?  Some people thing that it was odd that it had Haruyuki in it as well however I personally think it really does make the figurine stick.  The look on her face while holding him really does display the fondness she has for that character and the expression he has captures his character as well.

I have a little bit of a love hate relationship with the wings on this figurine.  I personally think its a great touch, it gives the figurine a great depth to it and it still flows together nicely.  However, it also looks like some of the lines in the wings are done a little haphazardly.  I can’t say I was expecting perfect straight lines but it does seem a little odd to me how they kinda waver to and fro.

The wings actually came in 4 different pieces and it was interesting how they went together, the left portion of the wing is kinda wedged in and the right portion is held in better with what one would expect…. it was a little odd and you can see it in this shot but you can totally see her butt crack in this figurine from behind.

One of the best features on this figurine is the base, bar none.  It has a look of water and her dress flowing into it.  It’s very solid as well, even though the figurine is screwed into the base which I personally hate >_<.  However this is an amazing base… very unique.

Here you can see her delicious flat chest… although for her it does seem to resemble her shoulder blades haha.

 Yup pretty pleased with this figurine.  Even the fine details on it are quite good.

This is definitely my favorite figurine of the year so far.  I really do enjoy our Miku but I don’t really count it as a this year purchase.  I was anticipating this figurine for quite some time, long enough that I actually forgot about it.  This is a wonderful addition to our collection I am super happy we got it and it wasn’t broken when we received it… … douches….  Let me know what you guys thought about the anime… no spoilers please! hehe. In closing… random AMV

2 thoughts on “Kotobukiya – Accel World – Arita Haruyuki & Kuroyukihime – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. I got this figure this week in as well, and she was worth the wait. The wings really are a bit iffy (and I would’ve preferred if they were as colourful as in the promo’s) but the rest of her is gorgeous. She looks pretty unique too and it’s pretty much exactly what I wanted to have out of a figure of her.

    As for the anime, I quite liked it. It’s not flawless, but I did feel it was a really enjoyable action show (one of the better ones of last year) and Kuroyukihime was an awesome character. Not to mention it had an interesting aesthetic for the game worlds and the plot was pretty interesting (though it’s left unfinished cause it’s an adaptation). I feel it’s way better than the more popular Sword Art Online (from the same author) as well – I could write a lot of mean words about that show and its characters.

  2. I did’t know that it was the same author that did SAO! That is really interesting.

    But yeah over all I am pretty happy with the figure, I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the other girls either!

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