Max Factory – Shining Wind – Seena Kanon Bikini Ver. – 1/7 PVC Figure

With the nice weather that we have had in our fair city the past few days, it kind of got me in the mood for taking a look at one of our many many many bikini figurines.  I decided that we should showcase this one this week mostly because I was under the impression that we had already done her.  Seena from Shining Wind.  A series that we do have a few figurines from but admittedly I know nothing of, even after doing a small amount of research.  I was going to comment about how this style looks a lot like Tony Taka’s artwork… until I looked it up and realized that it is in fact his work.  

This figurine is a perfect example of something that just kind of caught my eye and I had to get it.  I personally feel that we do not need anymore bikini figurines although a small part of me just wants to drop 500$ and buy every in stock beach queen figurine available at Hobby Search and dedicate a shelf to them all…  The clean lines and shape of this figurine is just too much to pass up.  Something about the look of this figurine is just hawt.


She is tall and lean and perky and just damn sexy.  Sometimes it makes me think that my wife needs to cut her hair short again… but long hair is just so much more beautiful on her.  I can honestly say that there really is not a lot to showcase on this figurine, it is pretty basic as far as it goes.  Not knowing a lot about the character leaves me only to talk about what we have… a tall clean sexy figurine in a bikini.

So with that out of the way, I’ll just put a few snaps here that highlight some of the nicer aspects of the figurine.  It is a well made figurine, as we would normally expect from Max Factory however it is a little bit borish I suppose? Nothing super exciting going on but its hard to not appreciate the smooth lines and subtle curves to this figurine.

Its almost impossible to not find that middrift sexy.

A little bit more mid drift with some action up top.  I can appreciate how balanced she is, as a fan of DFC I think that her proportions are actually just right for the perfect body… definitely getting my perv on with this figurine.

Lines are still pretty clean even from behind, you can notice a bit of marring on some of the edges in some of the previous pictures but nothing overly noticeable without close inspection.

Never been a huge fan of the skirt thing hiding the bikini bottom but in this figurine it really does help to complete the set.  Dinara wears these things too! boooooo… although I guess that saves me from having to murder everyone at the pool…

Trust in the wife to get all the pervy shots for the post haha good work baby ;).

I really do like the colors in this figurine, I also like the overall design… its not overbearing and its not too simplistic.  Her pose is nice and all the proportions are perfect.  This is a sexy sexy figurine and I am glad that we have it in our collection.  If you’re a fan of bikini figurines I would probably pick this up if you saw it… If you have a lot already? I still think this is a pretty solid purchase.  It has clean lines smooth molding and very little marring in some areas.  I did think her hair seemed a little bit flat but hey, nothings perfect and most people wouldn’t be looking at the back of her head anyways.  Let me know what you guys think, or do you have any other shining wind figurines in your collection… were the games any good?  In closing… Random AMV as usual, thanks for reading and visiting guys/gals.

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