Good Smile Company – Fate/Unlimited Codes – Saber Lily Distant Avalon ver. – 1/7 PVC Figure


Oh saber, you’re one of my favorite anime characters.  Or at least some of my favorite figurines we have.  There’s something about what I’ll refer to as “this set of Good Smile Saber figurines”.  I do suppose they are all kinda the same in their own way but I’m of the opinion that if I love something and you make more of it with just subtle changes? I’m sold.


You must all admit, she does provide a striking pose, there is something about here armor and yet femininity that does it for me I know A LOT of people consider her to be a waifu and obsess about her a lot, I can say that I don’t really follow that line but will give her a healthy amount of respect.  I am a huge fan when it comes to the character that runs solely on honor and discipline, which makes her an instant win in my eyes.


Enough random banter about why I like Saber, lets get into the figurine itself.  As this figurine has been out for quite some time I’m sure many of you have seen it and heard of it, it was sculpted by Kawahara Takayuki who has done pretty much all the other ones <motor cycle one, triumphant one and even caliburn>.  It was ripped out of the game Unlimited Codes which was released sometime ago as a fighting style game.  This is a nice closeup of the base of the figurine I’ve always enjoyed the bases for this entire set.


I have always wished that the hair could of been done a bit better on these figurines but they do have Saber\s ahoge which is the most important part.  I remember when Dinara cosplayed caliburn a little while ago and went out of her way to make sure she had the ahoge, it is mandatory!


Quite a nice job done on the gauntlets, even with this close of a look at them you can see the coloring on them is done well, so is the sculpting.  Not a giant fan of the way Avalon is just kind floating there but I don’t know how they would of done it differently.


Side view of the armor, I really love the way the armor is on this figurine, it really is beautiful in its mesh of warrior look and underneath the dainty feminine charm still.


Always the serious expression on Saber’s face, I know it would be out of place but I would love to have a figurine similar to this but with a smile on her face.  There is something about the “lack” of clothing she has in this figurine as well that does give it a certain sexiness.  I have to say lack of clothing in THIS figurine because her Alter, Triumphant and Motorcycle she is 100% clothed except for her face =p… However we are getting caliburn Saber super soon.


Gratuitous panty shot as always provided by Dinara. Strangely enough I never noticed the garter belt and the sexy frilly leggings until I looked at this figurine… I’m a little used to her wearing pants I suppose >_<.


Here is a bit of a highlight of the non armored part of this figurine, I know a lot of people find this sexy and I must admit for just being an armpit? It does have a strange appeal on Saber.


We shall finish up with a back shot of this figurine as well.  All said and done, there really is not anything that I dislike on this figurine.  It was a bit of a shock to get a figurine of this kind of quality again for a character that at the time I knew very little about.  It was even more awesome when Dinara cosplayed this exact outfit at one of the conventions she goes to.  To me this is a staple figurine to have in any collection, it stands out because of its grandeur.  Its large and in your face and at the time its oddly dainty in a way for a Saber figurine.  I am quite excited to get the caliburn figurine and I’m sure we will do a post of it as well.  In the meantime I am pretty sure I did post this AMV in a review before… but I’m gonna post it here again just in case you missed it. As always, thanks for visiting and if you have comments or suggestions let us know! 

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