FREEing – Mayo Chiki! – Suzutsuki Kanade – 1/8 PVC Figurine


One of the new figurines we got this month is FREEing’s version of Suzutsuki Kanada from Mayo Chiki!  One of the first things I have to say about this is, if you have yet to watch this series? We highly recommend it.  While it may seem like your typical harem anime, it is definitely one of the better ones.  I laughed pretty damn hard throughout the series and I am not one to enjoy that style of anime nearly as much as I used to.  The animation style is just adorable and you will come to love all the characters for their various quirks.


The figurine was sculpted by Kiyama Hisatake who has not done any other figurines that we own… nor any that we really had on our watch list either nothing done by this artist really jumps out at me.  However I will say that the job done on her was decent enough.  The finish on this figurine is not great but at the same time we knew what we were getting into when we bought a 1/8th FREEing figurine.  You can see the fine details are a little dull and not as sharp as some of the other figurines in our collection.


The style of the figurine really does shine through to me at least.  I like the flow of it and the pose, it does basically capture the character exactly, I can almost feel myself getting a nosebleed just looking at this.  While Kanade was not my favorite character from the series, I was a huge fan of her mannerisms, if it did come down to personality and not looks, she WOULD be my favorite character, shes just such a delightful bitch! I love it… Also nice ass.

IMG_5517I always like to see hair done in one piece.  I dislike it when you can see other paces just slapped in there and it ruins the flow… This figurine does have the hair all in one piece, however with that said, this almost takes it a little bit too far.  There’s very little depth to this and its very easy to just look at it as one giant piece with very little definition.  It does fan out about midway through but the top half of it is just too solid for my liking, I would of liked to see some more definition on that area.


One of the issues that bothers me a lot on some figurine companies is when they get to the fine details such as the string connecting the front of her dress together and just the front of the string itself is painted.  You can see it quite clearly here, the strings seem to be a little thick and just the front half is painted black, as it rounds around, you can clearly see the other color in there.  Disappointing to see such lack of attention to detail.


As always the wife will get the upskirt for everyone… oddly they are white panties, I personally am a little surprised, as while I’m sure we did see her panties in the anime several times… I would of just expected them to be a different color hehe.


All in all I cannot say we were disappointing with the figurine.  We knew that we weren’t expected top quality to begin with, as is the case with some figurines we just wanted it because we loved the series and the characters.  There are 4 characters being released from this series in this line and we have pre-ordered them all.  I believe we should have two more of them by next Friday and if not, the Friday afterwards. The last girl comes out in September. Would I recommend this figurine to a serious collector? Probably not, however if you are a fan of the show it’s definitely worth picking it up.  In the end I know when we have all 4 of them sitting next to each other on the display stand, I’ll be glad we got them.  While they’re not “top quality” by any stretch, its refreshing to see myself happy to just have a character I enjoy immortalized in PVC for my viewing pleasure!  =D.  As always, thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and thanks for sticking around.  Here’s a Mayo Chiki AMV that I’m pretty sure I’ve already shown you but just in case you missed it ;). 

More pictures of this figure:

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